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sigmtngolf said...

I think the above posts are a bit misguided but whatever. The city is merely trying to cover all their bases so they can once and for all close a dangerous nightclub that has hid behind the cloak of religon and church. They have avoided paying taxes like every other establishment around them by calling themselves a church. Now on top of everything else Tim Reid is now trying to take credit for getting the recall started on Mayor Littlefield. Are you kidding me??? The absolute arrogance of this so called "pastor", and I use that term in the loosest sense, is unbelievable. I dont know what it takes technically to call yourself a pastor but in no way shape or form did Tim Reid attend any sort of seminary. Any of us can go online and become ordained for less than 100 bucks. Which in my book doesnt necessarily give you the right to provide salvation to anyone. Especially when your "church" puts out flyers for parties with half naked women on them and the suggestions of having sex as well at said party. The Christmas party flyer is not the first one that the city has ever seen. Those flyers have been around for every party that has ever been there. Mr. Reid is just mad and grasping at straws to save his cash cow. Because his "landscaping" business sure isnt paying the bills. Mr. Reid needs to go work for once in his life.

December 30, 2011 at 4:02 p.m.
sigmtngolf said...

I probably should have added that Tim Reid payed no rent or at the very most pennies on the dollar per square foot on that space when I dealt with them. Begging further speculation as to why the owner of a building especially owned by an attorney wouldnt collect rent or way way below the market value rent on a tennant. When has an attorney ever done anything for free??

December 27, 2011 at 5:20 p.m.
sigmtngolf said...

Well... Everyone can debate whether or not its a black/white thing, a gang thing, or whatever they want but it all boils down to the Mosaic "Church" is a sham. I dealt with that place for 2 years and witnessed more than enough to know that this place isnt as it seems. Tim Reid might as well be an out of town owner. He is never there and never answers his phone if there is a problem with his establishment. Which is always very convienent for him if something goes wrong. He manages to always keep his distance so he can always save face and act like he cares when the violence breaks out. I have dealt with his "clientel" and none of these youths seem to be looking for salvation. Where someone needs to shine the spotlight is on the landlord of this building. He is an attorney located just through Jacks Alley. Its amazing how a landlord lets a tennant act like this and doesnt give him an eviction notice. Unless there is something in it for the landlord. Someone probably should take a look at his tax returns not that cash under the table is ever included but he has his hands in this as well. At worst case, he should feel compelled to provide his other tennants a safe place to lease. Ask Qdoba, how many problems they have had and never gotten satisfaction from the landlord. How do you think Tim Reid managed to get this nightclub liscensed as a church?? Good attorney maybe?? I encourage everyone to take a look at Tim Reids facebook page. He oozes arrogance in his latest post as he claims "I've often been accused of having “too dangerous” of a church. I believe the church is “too safe". How in the world do you make such a comment hours after 9 people are shot in your own establishment? Tim Reid is nothing more than a wolf in sheeps clothing. If this nightclub isnt shut down as it should have been years ago the city has done its citizens a complete injustice.

December 27, 2011 at 4:39 p.m.

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