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smokey said...

This is for HAPPYWITHNEWBULBS you are totally WRONG you must be one of those that want everybody to suffer just because of your misfortune of living in the city. I am one of those who woke up and moved out after putting up with 13 years of living in the cityand paying double taxes to get "trash pickup". I VOTED with my FEET. Why do 58% of the CITY police live in the county because they do not want any part of the city especially if they have kids in the school system. If the CITY dwellers like your self think for ONE MINUTE that the county people are getting something for nothing you are totally incorrect. You are LUCKY to have county dwellers to support your busineses. IF you do not believe just look at the southside and several other areas that you have let go down to EMPTY areas because nobody wants to live there or open a business in these areas. ANSWER this WHY does the CITY spends MILLIONS advertiseing for TOURISTS they USE the same city facilities that the county people use. HERE we are and you do NOT have to spend a dime to get us in the city and collect ALL of our SALES tax and use our people to do the jobs that you can not find in the city dwellers. I worked in the CITY for 15 years for a SALARY a lot less than I could have got OUTSIDE of YOUR city. YOU are trying to compare us to ILLEGALS. WAKE UP and move out.

June 5, 2012 at 3:52 p.m.
smokey said...

There is solution to Juvenille crime it is called a SEVERE PUNISHMENT. These kids NEED a FATHER image like a Drill Sargent. If you go back 40 years when I was a young teen the "FEAR OF GOD" was the best way to stop crime. A DETERENT by using a "DISCIPLINE" called the ARMY DRAFT (enlistment) if you got arrested your choice was Jail or the MILITARY. IF you also dropped out of school or had failing grades the MILITARY would get your DRAFT # and away you go to "LEARN A TRADE" The drill sargents would really HELP these YOUTHS get an EDUCATION about the REAL WORLD. By the way MY father was a Marine Drill sargent so he sent me to a Military High School to learn discipline. Some how it worked.

December 26, 2011 at 2:36 p.m.
smokey said...

Pikeville maybe the Governor and O'Day are looking at more of the BIGGER picture than you realize. They did say that the jobs at Pikeville could be available at the NEW prision. So they are also looking out for "PEOPLE" like you. Now what will YOU say to the people at the "other JD" that you say would be better to close. Tough LUCK you lost your job an have no place to go in this HIGH umemployment time. I do not care which one is closed as far as reducing costs as a TAXpayer but increasing the unemployment in the STATE will effect us all.
I live in a TN county that spends $75,000 per DAY that is over $27 million a YEAR just to "house the county prisioners". In Chattanooga TN they call it the "Bed and Breakfast Motel" MY county property taxes pay for this WASTE. Our politicans should OUTSOURCE our three time loser JAIL BIRDS to China then watch the crime rate drop.

December 26, 2011 at 1:11 a.m.
smokey said...

Mccuthison9 you obviously do not understand what happened to the property taxes AFTER the Merger. I would LOVE to have the CITY take "their" schools back. I live in the County and now have to pay a property tax increase to support the CITY schools. While the CITY residents got their property School taxes wiped out. The CITY did the same thing EVERY time they passed their resposibility over to the COUNTY another EXAMPLE is the JAIL. NOW Mayor Littlefield wants to go TOTAL METRO so the CITY will pass the COSTS of the ENTIRE CITY over the ENTIRE COUNTY. This way HE will have more money to spend on CITY pet projects.

December 26, 2011 at midnight
smokey said...

Pikeville you need to read the comment by Smokey about 100 down the list. Then find the article in TFPress Front Page Friday Dec 23 2011 named Haslam's "top to bottom" review of operations. He even said the 90 JD's would be moved to the 4 other facilities which are at only 80% capacity.

December 25, 2011 at 11:15 p.m.
smokey said...

Apparently "PIKEVILLE" and most of YOU did not read the TFPress article that I did about closing Pikeville Juvenille Center. The Governer's rep O'Day stated that it made MORE sense to OPERATE 4 JD facilities in TN at almost 100% capacity than the CURRENT 5 JD facilities at 80% capacity. I have to AGREE with THAT concept as a TAXPAYER IN TN, especially IF the people can transfer to the NEW Prision so that no job s are lost in that area. And if the others facilities LATER become over crowded then they can reopen Pikeville. By the way I live on the Hixson side of Chattanooga and worked downtown for many years near where this shooting occured. I would NOT move down there even if they "gave" me one of those expensive condo's.

December 25, 2011 at 10:36 p.m.
smokey said...

I think MasterCheflen is ABSOLUTLY CORRECT he hit the nail on the head if only it was the head of Mayor Littlefield who has been playing the BLIND MOUSE when it comes to crime in the city. Why do think 57% of the CITY police live OUTSIDE the CITY that came out when the driving cop cars home survey.

Littlefield wants to expand the size of the CITY becuse he needs more tax dollars to FIX all the current problems in the city.

December 25, 2011 at 9:27 p.m.
smokey said...

SandraOnSignal YOU are the one that needs to understand how contracts work. I If you RESIGN and request RETIREMENT then you only get your unused pal(vacation&sick) leave and your health benefits depend on your age at Erlanger from 62 to 65 you can remain in the Employee group plan BUT YOU have to pay ALL the Premium after 65 you are on your OWN or medicare. When I a working employee (non executive)and was terminated due to elimination of my position I only got 8 weeks severance which is the current NEW MAX no matter how long you have been there and health benefits were under COBRA for 18 months but since I was over 65 I could not remain under the employee plan after Cobra. Under Brexler MANY" Empployee benefits were reduced or eliminated so Brexler should get treated to EQUAL Compensation. IF the REAL TRUTH is that HE RESIGNED and was not FORCED in to it like I was then Brexler should not get severance otherwise give him 8 weeks that would still amount to ABOUT $88,000 which is more than a year salary for all non management personal.

December 13, 2011 at 3:01 p.m.
smokey said...

[FACTS] I want to tell you are confused between the contract to give Brexler a severance package with so many months of his salary ONLY occurs IF The BOARD TERMINATES his contract. BUT if you read carefully the RESIGNATION and REQUEST for RETIREMENT came FROM Brexler so therefore the SEVERANCE package should NOT be PAID. I was an erlanger longtime WORKER (non Exec)and my position was eliminated and they gave me 8 weeks severance which at that time was the NEW max allowed no matter how long you had been there and my health benefit became part of the COBRA package for 18 months BUT IF I had resigned and asked for RETIREMENT I would NOT have even got that just my unused pal (vacation&sick)pay and since I was over 65 I could not keep my employee health ins either.

December 12, 2011 at 11:40 p.m.
smokey said...

As a former employee of Erlanger when my position was eliminated they gave me they "rules for termination" package. At that time the most ANY "working" employee was entitled to was 8 weeks severance no matter how long you had been there plus any unused pal (vacation)time and your health benefits were to be under COBRA rules. During Jim Brexler admin MANY employees got this treatment. I realized that the board signed a "contract" with severance terms IF he was TERMINATED but all I keep hearing and READING is that HE RESIGNED so which is it. He should get the same that Erlanger has doled out to ALL the other employees. I mean 8 weeks of his salary is $11,000 a week equals roughly $88,000 that amount would be a years pay to most other "working" employees not including most dept managers at $100k.

December 12, 2011 at 9:49 p.m.

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