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  • Name: Josh Wright
  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: Ringgold, GA
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colordado
  • Occupation: Founder of the cause 'Support Daddy Vs Catoosa County' ,former Corrections Officer

You can't, and definitely shouldn't, confuse my drive for my destiny as a mere attempt at being manipulative or vindictive. I never intend to ever hurt anybody. I have always had a vision of what I want in my life, it's been tainted and modified a little every now and then, but the basic concept remains the same. A big struggle in life, atleast for me, was finding out my vision for my life. Trying to determine if I would ever be satisfied with anything or anyone, the parts of myself I would leave behind when I go, and what my chapters and goals in life would entail..

I then realized that life was to me the pursuit of happiness, a very common outlook. To me this would include some of the following:

1. Good relationship with God.

2. Children.

3. A beautiful wife.

4. Success in whatever career field I choose.

5. Financial Stability

6. Homefront.

Now numbers 1,2,4,5 and even 6 are on course with my goal oriented life. The one that has troubled me obviously and infamously is number 3. Some people who read this may or may not care, but I obviously do not care what people think as long as I am on course.. I have always been a very positive person, who makes every attempt to use the little charisma that I have to be the pulse and/or heartbeat to any person, crowd or group of peers. I am not affraid to be laughed at, because to me a major stress reliever in life is figuring out what should be laughed at, and what shouldn't. Humor is a release for the fear of pain. People see this person who is entertaining and all about the smiles and overall electricity of the general public and assume that I can not be an intelligent person, and I have to have an immature outlook on life. Incorrect.

My own perception of myself is strong. I am not getting into what I have been through in my childhood, but I have been through alot. Therefore I have an unofficial 'title belt' with myself. I always overcome and will not accept the ever present failure life doesn't hesitate to throw at you. I do so with a postive outlook, everything will be fine. Because, it is, atleast somewhat. Dwelling on the negative subtracts from the planning to overcome the hurdles. People to me that can't pull thereselves out of ruts, and sit and expect to be picked up or pitied, are destined for the bottom of life's chart. The world is not against you, it is only not for you. When you go to sleep every evening the world continues to spin. As it does when I sleep. Things will only get to you if you let them, if you accept that you are a gear that can be taken off and replaced on life's machine, you will grasp you arent that different, but yet you can be. You can be the strongest gear, the one that holds itself together longer than the other gears, the one that never cracks, and keeps things going. I could type my mindstate for a good couple of essays, so I digress. But the point and the relevance of this paragraph is, whining, no excuses...

Sometimes I exhaust, wondering if the road heads to the proper destination, regardless of penalty. Sometimes I do get down. Belief in the fact this doesn't occur isnt human. I continue to fight the good fight, I continue to keep the faith, life has a plan for everyone, although unclear at times. All you and I can do in the days of struggle that seem to be the current state of this generations world, is fight the good fight. Maintaining my work ethic is a number one current priority. No matter what occurs, I keep on life's gas petal.

Nothing will come of your absence from work. Nothing will ever deter me from this as life to me isnt as important as my daughter's dinner plate. I do not struggle anymore. But by preparing for the worst, I am ready for the best. I truly never want people to think wrong of me for this. But I would turn my back on the world in a heartbeat, no matter who you are, to maintain my daughters life stability. My critics seem to find a good feeling from their opinion of me sometimes. Good for them. But it will not stop me. I am a loving person. And I love being the better man, no matter how much you or anybody thinks I shouldn't be. It's how I was raised. It's how my grandfather lives through me. People who dedicate their time to influencing my life somehow with their mouth , have to know if they do effect it somehow, then its out of my control. I understand that. So they will become a life lesson. And probably a funny story.



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