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tollettja said...

nacanuck, When I buy from Wal-mart I can pickup my item from the local Wal-mart I don't know about the others. The difference here is that Amazon is NOT SELLING in the state as a bricks-and-mortar retailer they are only distributing. All the others you mentioned ARE selling within the state. I remember buying form Dimension2000 a Computer Manufacturer before they were in the state and they were not required to collect sales tax but once they were a sales presence in the state I had to pay sales tax. Also, Amazon does collect sales tax if they are selling for some of their partners it just isn't mentioned often. But what they collect goes to those partners to pay to their respective city and state.

No, I don't think Amazon should collect sales tax if they are not selling within Tennessee but once they DO sell (i.e. if they open a store even for their employees to purchase) then that is when they should start collecting sales tax. If one Governor made a promise to honor a no sales tax collection requirement for Amazon any following Governor should abide by that agreement. It had to have had the backing of the Senate for him to offer that agreement as well. So they should also keep their hands off. Besides the benefit out ways the loss of revenue it gets people back into the job market they are earning and buying from local stores(paying sales tax) and there is less unemployment being paid out by the state. It's all good so leave it alone...

August 17, 2011 at 4:33 p.m.
tollettja said...

TO THE JEWELRY Store... Lets not wave to anyone because someone might find it offensive too! You obviously don't know how to use your eyes, (wonder how you have avoided having an accident)... Your mind is obviously in a gutter and anything you see would be considered inappropriate. I hope your children grow up to LOOK before they leap! I will pray for you, even though you'll probably consider that to be inappropriate as well.

I looked at the billboard as I was driving to work, on Frazier Ave, and because I use my eyes I saw that there was NOTHING offensive in it, the woman was showing her RING finger, which would have been obvious if you had looked before you gave your opinion. The offense is in the eye of the beholder who doesn't take the time to LOOK and SEE what is being presented, but instead makes sudden uninformed opinions about what they were looking at. In fact I liked it very much... Thanks Barry for making my day enjoyable... :)

James Tollett North Chattanooga

November 29, 2009 at 2:28 p.m.
tollettja said...

I have worked with a lot of systems, and anyone with any knowledge, knows that it can take time to get a system working right. I believe that most of the complaints come from one source, fear. Yes, fear of change, fear of having to learn a new system, fear of anything new.

Give the Edison system time to develop.

The only thing I have a complaint about is $135M !!!!

Why didn't you just buy the firm! That price is outrageous!!

Govenor Bredesen, don't complain to ME about your lack of funds! Spending this kind of money on a payroll system is robbery of our tax dollars. No wonder you don't have enough to help pay for a bloated school system that builds or remodels schools only to sell them the next year due to self created lack of funds! Get your greedy hands OUT of MY pockets! I don't have the money for you when I have bills to pay myself.

May 21, 2009 at 3:42 p.m.

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