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If you're truly taking an anti-nuclear stance, why aren't you walking around with dosimetry and handheld monitors? Seems like the basis is anti-dose, right? Then you should start by walking around with a neutron counter and look for all the sources and then post ALARA signs as appropriate to block off certain areas from public traffic until the dose sources can be resolved. Begin by roping off all self-powered EXIT signs and the area around them, all cesium-containing wrist-watches, people dosed with isotopes for medical reasons, power lines and substations for bremsstrahlung radiation produced by the HV electronics, old CRT televisions, and old glass or ceramic products produced before 1980. We receive more dose from any one of these sources than we do from nuclear plants in the US currently.

Don't say I'm a pro-nuclear plant proponent. I'm not. I think fission is the wrong answer...but it's a good enough answer for now. The safety concerns are valid CONCERNS but nothing more than concerns as they are founded on incorrect understanding of all the principles behind nuclear, and anyone who claims true understanding of the accident scenarios involved and is talking about it on TV is potentially a terrorist or someone connected with a leak of sensitive information that does not belong in public hands as it simply isn't safe there.

I'm not a pro-nuclear plant proponent--at least not as they currently exist. The real answer is fusion. Much better energy supply there and will last longer. Since high school I've been playing with Inertial Confinement, and my first deuterium fusion event occurred in a Smucker's Grape Jelly jar that I was terrified would collapse when I tried to pull a vacuum on the jar. I'd love to be the Person That Figured It All Out, but for now I'm just an idiot with a Fusor in a garage who can't make my power output balance my power input...

Here's a very valid question: until some researcher like me figures something out (probably someone with a lot more money and time), fission reactors are still the best option. Why don't you guys try to work up a compromise? That is, something where we solve the energy problem but address some of the safety concerns you guys have and prove there are solutions? For example, I bet if you went for a safer, alternative nuclear fuel, perhaps protesting Pro-Thorium instead of Anti-Nuclear-as-a-Whole, I bet you guys could gain some serious ground, make the world a safer place (in your opinion anyways...), and still not hurt progress toward solution of the energy crisis.

You anti-nuclear people are making me nervous--I'm wondering if one day I'll have bricks thrown through my window or a firebomb on my car for the toys I play with in my garage... or worse.

July 22, 2011 at 10:35 a.m.

Type in 10 CFR 50 on google and start reading the NRC legislation that all plants have to abide by (except our garage experiements of course). You don't have to be an engineer to realize how many safe we are after getting just a couple pages in. I love America.

July 21, 2011 at 1:09 p.m.

Sorry Dr. Horrible, worst I can do is give you a few hours of x-rays and give you a mild rash and that's only if your skin is very tender. So, Chattanooga is safe from both the evil Rash Boy as well as Nuclear Power.

July 21, 2011 at 11:28 a.m.

Gamma ray bursts on the opposite side of the universe are causing approximately 300 times more damage to our bodies than nuclear reactors.

The black hole at the galactic core is causing approximately 40 times more damage to our genetics than nuclear reactors.

Our sun is in our own solar system and much weaker than the other two aforementioned sources, but it causes much more damage than any nuclear reactor on the planet. How many sunburns have you obtained from a bad day in your house next to a reactor?

Finally, the Inertial Confinement Device that I'm using in my garage to play around with deuterium fusion gives the city more dose than Seqouyah does by a factor of a few thousand. And any 12 year old with an understanding of vacuum pumps and $100 and an eBay account can source the stuff to build it without any regulation...

Why? Because it's safe. I wouldn't want you protesting outside my garage (and better not find you protesting there either). So leave commercial nuclear alone.

July 21, 2011 at 9:42 a.m.

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