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¶(3)Two issues which must be faced are as follows. Issue #1: Who has or is working on the comprehensive plan for the states to put the federal government back into the cage crafted for it by the Constitution? Issue #2: Is Islam a religion that is qualified for protection under the Constitution? While the answers to these issues may not be ready for prime time, I hope and pray that there are legal teams working on these and other issues such as vote fraud, etc. If Constitutional Conservatives do not have the organization to fight the political and legal battles that will prevent an actual armed battle, then forget about fighting or winning an armed battle. ¶(4))Most of our voters and elected politicians have been taking us down the road to hell on Earth. As Christian: (1) fail to practice good religion (as defined or adopted by the reader) and you will not or may not go to heaven or etc.; (2) fail to practice good politics and your great grandkids may never hear of good religion. As a Muslim, practice good religion and Islam can be expected to rule the world completely within a few generations. Not a nice thought, but true. ¶(5)Gun owning Conservatives who do not vote because they don't have a perfect candidate to vote for, waste their vote, or believe that political involvment is "beneath" them and who plan to "meet them with a gun when they come to take my gun" at best are as helpful as the socialists and at worst will only be committing suicide after all the non-violent options are gone. Does this help show a solution? Learn how to talk to strangers about what makes and will keep the USA a great place to live and work. Every Constitutional Conservative must be verbally prepared to win any unannounced debate about Islam by simply telling the truth about Islam. Cowards will not defeat Islam, politically, legally or otherwise. Constructive critique of the above is welcomed. Bill Coleman 864-419-2797 pg 1 of 1

September 12, 2012 at 3:04 p.m.
vin5ron said...

The folllowing commentary is written to promote the survival of Constitutional Freedom in the USA. To learn what Islam wants the world to know about Islam, google ors search for "Islam". To learn what many non-muslxims have concluded about Islam, google or search for "anti-Islam". Also interesting, google or search for both "Islam" and any other word(s) or organization if you want to see what the net has to offer about the relationship between or news concerning your search items.

Bill's Commentary (8/13/12): ¶(1)The U. S. foreign wars against the terrorists presently exist to provide political cover for the ongoing surrender of the USA to Islam. True Believing Muslims are fanatically happy to die fighting us overseas as long as they believe that the surrender of the USA is ongoing and that the continuing wars make the covert ongoing surrender of the USA to Islam seem implausible to the average voter. The big lie that holds the fraud together includes this: (1) the terrorists are not true muslims (2) Constitiutional Freedom has nothing to fear from Islam (3) Islam is a religion qualified for protection as such by the Constitution. Unbridled indiscrete DIVERSITY, POLITCAL CORRECTNESS and MULTICULTURALISM have blinded many people to the greatest threat Constitutional Freedom has faced. G. W. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God and that the terrorists were misguided. Truth is that "peaceful" muslims in the USA and the muslim terrorists worldwide are both doing what the Koran tells muslims to do (i.e., lie to non-muslims and convert, enslave or kill them). Socialism is being pushed because moving towards socialism will move the USA away from the freedoms (freedom of speech and gun ownership) which can be used to defend the Constitution from Islam. As such, socialism is being used as a stepping stone to an Islamic dictatorship within the USA. In other words, the USA must be partly destroyed and weakened to facilitate its surrender to Islam. ¶(2)The Islamic ideology has locked Islam into eternal war between different sects of True Believers and between any sect of True Believers and any other person/group who is not perceived to be a True Believer whether they claim to be Islamic or not. As such, Islam has continued for 1400 years to be an effective tool for Arab Colonialization of the world. Islamic Ideology is the trap. The excess evil liberties Islam grants to Muslim males is the bait. No area of the world is exempt from this colonlalization unless political and legal action is first taken to prevent and/or prepare for later armed conflict. We will get sharia law whether legal or not unless Islam and anything like it is made illegal in the USA or unless we endure a bloody civil war and win. I prefer the former. With the Constitution being what it is and Islam being what it is, why are unconstitutional acts of Islam or anything similar legal? (continued)

fighting or winning an armed battle. (continued)

September 12, 2012 at 2:56 p.m.

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