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vol4vol said...

Are you serious?! Blow up the USA...it's comments like these that are just an embarrassment to our country. You'll find plenty of good ole boys born and raised right here in the US that will turn on our country and plan to blow us up. If you ever took the time to speak to some of these students, I don't think you would make such a ridiculous and cruel statement. I HAVE met some of them and talked to them and my heart really goes out to them because we have idiots out there wanting to punish them for things their PARENTS did many years ago. Have you talked to some of these who were brought here when they were a tiny child? What were they supposed to do?? Stand there as a 5-yr old and tell their Mom and Dad, "No, I'm not going. I'm staying here all by myself since it's the right thing to do!!". Do you SEE how ridiculous this is?!! Omg...the stupidity just amazes me!!!

October 18, 2011 at 5:11 p.m.
vol4vol said...

No, it's called having some freakin compassion for "KIDS" who had NO choice in the matter. If you had been brought to this country by your parents when you were a small child, you wouldn't go back either. I don't want to hear, "Well, my parents would never have entered this country illegally...." Blah, blah, blah...maybe not but that's not the point for THESE folks. They were brought here, so now they are supposed to pay for it the rest of their lives?! I just hope those who go around saying this crap don't claim to be Christians because I can guarantee that MY LORD would not be so cruel and cold!! I truly believe He would say that it isn't the CHILDREN'S fault so why are you continuing to punish them?

October 18, 2011 at 5 p.m.
vol4vol said...

You know..it's amazing how many people who have NEVER talked to any of these students are so freakin judgmental. So now, the VT incident is supposed to make us afraid to let these kids (that's what they are) who grew up in America, come to our colleges? I have talked to some of them who were brought here to America when they were 4 or 5 years old!!!! You "people" (who probably confess to be Christian on top of that) who say they should "go back to where they come from"...would never go back if you had been put in that situation by YOUR parents!! What were these kids supposed to do....stand there and stomp their feet and say "No, Mom and Dad, I know I'm only 5 years old but I staying right here in Mexico because that's the right thing to do!!" Think about what you're saying!!!! Most of you who are "truly Christian" wouldn't have the guts to say such a thing if Jesus were standing right by you. Heck no, you would be too ashamed to say such a thing. And at first I bought the argument about it not being fair to charge a student from GA, let's say to attend a TN school and then let one of these attend on an "in-state" status. Then it hit me, the student from GA is not being dragged to TN...he/she can go to college in GA and pay in-state rates!!! The undocumented can't do anything!! Don't give me that bull saying they can "always go back". If you lived here most of your life, would you go back??!! I will say to your face that you're lying if you say you would. You wouldn't trade what you have in the US to go back to a country that you were not raised in and especially if it involves going to an area that is full of poverty. You wouldn't do it so don't try to point at someone else and tell them to. You're being a hypocrite!!! Again, you're talking about KIDS!!! Or do some of you just have a cold heart and not care?? Unbelievable....

October 18, 2011 at 4:25 p.m.

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