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wethepeople said...

There is so much misinformation and downright falsehoods in this article and in many of the comments to this article. To be clear, I did NOT vote for Chuck. But one has to be willing to ignore the facts or not give a rip about average Americans to attack a bill that would cut taxes for 52% of Americans. Yes, that's right, 52% of Americans pay capital gains tax. Reduce the tax rate on capital gains and the historically proven result is greater taxes to the treasury because people will invest more of their capital - thus increasing the total tax collected. As far as Paul Smith's comments that we should merely focus on public sector jobs repairing infrastructure that's very short sighted. So our nation is going to put millions back to work permanently by investing in short term projects? Sorry, the way to permanent jobs is to see small and mid-sized business open and grow. And the way they do that is with capital.

Finally, Mr. Brooks, when have you paid any taxes? Get real with your facts. I would speculate that Mr. Fleischmann has paid more in taxes over the last 10 years than you have made in your life. Obama and the rest of the Main Stream Media (including Mr. Carroll) love to under-report and/or misrepresent the facts about who is really paying the taxes in our nation today. Surely you know that the wealthiest 1% pay 37% of the tax in our nation (while earning 19% of the income). The top 10% pay 68% of the tab while the bottom 50% pay 3% of the tab. So who is really shouldering the lion share of the tax burden in our nation?

So critique Chuck all you want. We should hold our elected officials accountable. But ultimately a cut in the capital gains tax rate is a cut for a majority of Americans and is just the program our nation needs to free up capital and get the wheels of pure capitalism turning again in our nation.

Good call Chuck!

November 5, 2011 at 7:32 p.m.
wethepeople said...

"We the People" of Chattanooga have been vindicated in our just outcry against the hurtful policies of Mayor Ron Littlefield and the tainted and unjust decision by Judge Hollingsworth.

November 3, 2011 at 2:09 p.m.
wethepeople said...

The above comment is not even worth of a response. However, given the fact that there are some disturbed souls out there who might actually believe it, I must challenge the writer of the "KKK" comment to actual attend one of the Chattanooga Tea Party events and see for him(her)self that tea party members are law abiding citizens who have a deep love for our nation, our community and our neighbors, regardless of their ethnicity.

January 20, 2011 at 12:02 p.m.
wethepeople said...

Facts, you need to get your "facts" correct. The point I made was not to disparage Robin Smith (who I personally supported for Congress) but that Ms. Smith had no personal involvement in the organizing and funding of the Chattanooga Tea Party Rally in April 2009. This is a FACT. She was merely a speaker at our first event.

Note I did not say that Ms. Smith was not a supporter of the Tea Party! Her views and values are clearly more in sync with the Tea Party than the GOP. She was one of the few candidates here locally who regularly attended our meetings. But that does not make the Tea Party a front for the GOP which was the false claim that jop3136 was ludicrously making.

In the future take the time to read what I wrote more s-l-o-w-l-y!

January 13, 2011 at 10:57 p.m.
wethepeople said...

A lot of nutty comments on here. But the one by "jpo3136" takes the cake and is completely ignorant and uninformed. As one who was intimately involved in the very first Chattanooga Tea Party on 4/15/09, I can assure you that Robin Smith had ZERO involvement with the organizing, permits and paying for anything at the Rally. She was one of 10 speakers and received no more time than any of the other speakers.

Further, the Tea Party's frustration and discontent has been directed at both parties -- have you missed the numerous articles in this same paper about the outcry over Corker and Alexander's votes on various pieces of legislation?

And continuing on, did you miss the recent comments by Hamilton County Republican Chair Delores Vinson in which she disparaged Tea Party members by referring to them as "cultish"? Hmm, that's a strange thing for the head of the Republican party to say about the group that they own, fund and control.

Finally, did you miss the fact just a few months ago that the Chattanooga Tea Party formally endorsed an independent candidate for Congress, Savas Kyriakidis? Let's see, that really makes a lot of sense for the organization that is funded and controlled by the Republican party to go against the Republican Party candidate and support an Independent!

Get real with your facts, "jpo3136"! Clearly you have constructed your own little conspiracy. Have you ever been to a monthly tea party meeting? Have you ever seen how their activities are funded? Have you ever taken the time to find out for yourself or do you just drink the KoolAid from the biased, liberal national media?

If you want the truth, go to the source. Go attend a Chattanooga Tea Party meeting for yourself, meet the people, and then speak intelligently. I'll bet you'll find that those involved in the Tea Party movement locally are merely law abiding citizens who love their community, state and nation and care more about the Constitution, and the principles and values that made this nation great than any party, personality or power structure.

Go ahead, check them out and then maybe we'll listen to your views in the future.

January 13, 2011 at 9:33 p.m.

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