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whatsthefuss said...

Lower level thinkers do stupid things like go out in the dark with their gun when they are afraid of the dark. If it was daytime there would have been no threat perceived and the elderly gentleman would have been returned to his home to find what comfort he enjoyed there.

If this shooter did not have a gun would he have gone out in the dark to confront the suspected prowler? No, simply because he is afraid of the dark. Law enforcement was notified and in route so why the need to be so macho? STUPIDITY. Just like the jackhole who shot the teenager in Ringgold or Clay trying to politicize a situation that has little to do with the NRA.

The majority of this nation has little business owning firearms. Their reasons for ownership make no sense and most often cause tragedy to families and friends. Just the opposite of what the gun owner intended it be used for. The BoogieMan is not real people!

Remember, if you are afraid of the dark as many people are, stay inside where you have the option of turning on a light. In the case of the disgruntled old man in Ringgold who threatens neighbors and their pets with his firearm and shot the teenager, throw him in jail with the other tough guy idiots where he can find common ground with his fellow man. There he can live out his days swapping stories of how they threatened others with their guns. We don't need leftovers from the wild west left to roam in todays society. That goes for some in law enforcement too!

November 30, 2013 at 7:20 a.m.
whatsthefuss said...

I heard it was you Talkin' 'bout a world Where all is free It just couldn't be And only a fool would say that


November 26, 2013 at 10:26 a.m.
whatsthefuss said...

"Obamadon'tcare hotline! This is Peggy, How can I help you?

October 29, 2013 at 11:53 a.m.
whatsthefuss said...

There are people who post here who are in serious need of some help with their mental health.

anniebelle said... @October 20, 2013 at 6:27 a.m.

These people that spout their ignorance on here everyday probably live paycheck to paycheck and one catestrophic illness and they're doomed.

Meanwhile,,,,,, 40 minutes later,,,,,

anniebelle said... @October 20, 2013 at 7:07 a.m.

I don't for the life of me understand how people in this country, with so much, can be so selfish and full of hate.

& anniedingdong, try Catastrophic,,,, it works!!

Now on to the magic negro and his pep talk today. Have any of you blind folks who are believers in this liberal democrat fanatical religious group ever consider that the "Great One" you adore is laying blame on the web designers all because the enrollment numbers are so dismal that he knows this fantastic creation that he believes will become his legacy is doomed and has been from the start? As of last week 2 states reported that not one resident from either of their states had enrolled in Obamadontcare. The most transparent president in history, {according to the magic one himself} blows smoke up your a$$ without being honest about what the enrollment numbers are and you come on here in your Stepford Wife daze and repeat after him. It's the Republicans fault. It is your money that has funded this disaster. Shouldn't you know?

Now I ask you,,,, How smart does that make you????

With a Moo Moo here, and a Baaaa Baaa there, here a cluck,,,, yeah that's the sound I hear!!! eieio.

Chicken Brains,,, or is there such a thing???

October 21, 2013 at 6:35 p.m.
whatsthefuss said...

It's always the hardest part. Admitting there is a problem. We as humans most often don't always tell the entire story because of the embarrassment it will cause so we try to speak in circles knowing the inevitable will occur, attempting to save face taking a polar opposite stance.

Clay I'm proud of you for taking the first step. Certainly it was a very difficult cartoon for you to draw writing the "R" word. The Fonz had the same trouble in saying the word "SORRY." Alcoholics are faced with the Harsh Reality of admitting the truth, perhaps homosexuals suffer trauma claiming their sexual preference to skeptical loved ones, coming out of the closet for the first time.

I understand you had to mask your true feelings knowing that Obamadontcare is doomed, by combining the words "REALITY", which you obviously have finally come to grips with, and "REPEAL", which you now know must happen. You have come a long way in a short period of time. Chin up ole' boy!

October 15, 2013 at 1:05 p.m.
whatsthefuss said...


Where are your facts that there are more people who don't take advantage of the system then do? Love to see some numbers.

Again we have a group who claim they are not able to find gainful employment. Perhaps our failing education system is a contributing factor. Perhaps it is people like yourself who pity people who continue to make poor choices in their life instead of making an effort to learn a skill that will lead them to a good paying job and wish to reward them for their lack of effort. It does take time and effort if you are not aware of the secret potion. There are Pell Grants galore, taxpayer funded for those who fell thru the so called cracks during high school that many people use to start a new endeavor and for some reason find it to difficult to attend classes religiously. Waste not want not. SSI disability is a program that is about to exhaust its funding and with numbers being enrolled finding sanctuary in this bailout program the people who are currently involved with the program receiving help, especially children, may have to go without opportunities to provide them with support and higher education all because we have older Americans who claim no one will hire them at the wage they desire. This system at the current pace is another doomed political promise no one can keep. Unless Congress says to borrow more money we do not have to hand out to people who are in need or want.

No one wishes to go back to the 50's. I don't know where you get that but I would be happy to return to 1980's or 90's where a dollar bought something. Wages have been stagnant or declined since then and prices have continued to skyrocket including healthcare even since Obozo Care was enacted. Again, do the math and let us know what you find.

October 14, 2013 at 3:31 p.m.
whatsthefuss said...


How long will Social Security Disability be financially solvent?

With the number of boomers entering the entitlement stage of their lives and living much longer than expected will Social Security be available as promised. And what about Medicare.

As for Obozo Care, it will always be called exactly that and within a year even you faithful followers will be crying for the repeal of this asinine law. I am amazed that people on here post the reason people need to work overtime is because of low wages. Have you not noticed everything has escalated in price except income? Ever wonder why? Could it be the Asian market being able to manufacture without high labor costs? By not providing benefits? Have you ever heard of a thing called competition and the Free Market? How about Corporate America? "In Asian Countries of course."

We can give everything to people who feel they are owed something or we can expect every able bodied citizen to do their part to help themselves. Being charitable to the people who are truly in need is one thing. America does this and has for generations. Allowing people who can work to benefit from another persons labor is simply wrong and not sustainable. The message to future generations is don't worry be happy and lazy. The government will provide for your needs. We are close to the end with all these wonderful programs as we have allowed the cost to rise above any ability to pay for the programs.

If you fail to see Chicken Little running around in a frenzy screaming, "The sky is falling" any chance to survive this crisis in tact is doubtful. Please do the math and see for yourself!

October 14, 2013 at 11:59 a.m.
whatsthefuss said...

rickaroohoneybooboo, and fellow Obamadontcare pom pom shakers!

Darlings, please let me help you make sense. Oblamadontcare does not help everyone that cannot afford insurance premiums. There are millions of families that have health insurance plans approved by the big dunce, provided by their employer that covers the employee at a somewhat reasonable cost. The problem is the benefit extended to the family thru the plan. The cost is prohibitive to the couples and so they will continue to live their lives without health insurance as Obamadontcare does not provide subsidies to these folks who have an approved Obamadontcare healthcare plan available to them. Nothing has changed for these families. Let me correct myself. Something has changed. The cost for the insurance has gone up. The interesting question is if one spouse in a family has health coverage and the other does not do they have to pay the penalty? You folks are either living in a vacuum or just like alpo, you hold your fingers in your ears and continue to mumble, la la la, I can't hear you. Yes indeed a very close relative to the ostrich! Only not a rare breed at all. And the scary part is that they continue to breed at alarming rates.

And in the year 2013, with a computer based enrollment system, the health care exchange, paid for entirely by the United States TAXPAYER, for some unknown reason no one can provide real time enrollment figures for this wonderful Obamadontcare. Now how can this be. We have a national debt clock that calculates everything that affects our daily lives, present & future but this White House Bozo Obama cannot provide any numbers concerning enrollment whether partially completed or completed applications. So just how bad of an idea could this legacy to the Great Gazoo be? This is all about ego folks, not economics. Take your fingers out of your ears and pay very close attention. Your future depends on it.

October 14, 2013 at 10:18 a.m.
whatsthefuss said...

hunterbluff said,

"I won't vote for the a change until I know what the proposed change is."

This blog is a laugh a day. Sometimes more. I'll bet if the always gorgeous Nancy Pelosi told you the only way you will know what is in the bill is to vote for it you would be falling all over the ravenous Democratic beauty. Instead you won't vote for a change until you know what it is. Anyone else find this ironic?

We won't have to wait long for this thing referred to as Obamadon'tcare to implode and be repealed. B.O. is so full of himself and other things he doesn't have the wisdom or foresight to see there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is a proper replacement for this disaster. Go to school. Stay in school. Graduate. Go to a tech school and learn a trade or go to college and earn a degree in a field that is in demand. Get a job. Show up every day. Work hard. Pay your taxes.

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid

October 13, 2013 at 3:13 p.m.

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