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wmnashtn said...

SeaMonkey, since you are using a sea creature to pen your comments, when you refer to my actual name, don't be so lazy that you can't capitalize. Although it is not a big shock that I have to clarify this to a Fox defender, but by "facts", I mean TRUTH. (Come on, you left me wide open). . Kidding aside, I would also hold CBS, NBC, ABC and anyone calling themselves a News agency to the same standard which is what FCC regulations would implement. Think about it Sea, it’s my point! Also, you know nothing about where or how I get my news and I still don’t see why you referenced Huffington Post? But, O.K..

It is more than obvious that you are unable to provide a reasonable argument or a cohesive message so you spout insults and are mean spirited. Nice. Of course, someone who brings up the birth certificate of PRESIDENT Obama as history, has a pretty limited concept of validity.

Realize and have enough foresight to understand that it will be the people who manipulated the public with these lies that will be judged negatively by History. I hope you will see that this is not a right or left issue, instead one about right and wrong. Have a good weekend Ms. Monkey.

April 1, 2011 at 4:16 p.m.
wmnashtn said...

Do you really want proof or do you just want to argue the point? I would say to any reasonable fair-minded person if they want to know if Fox News lies, simply watch. It won’t take long for them to have their answer. But I would bet everything I own that no one will change Mr. Tony Stamp's mind. Do you think it is actually a coincidence that he emphatically put his full name? I am sure, he will be hailed as a true hero by his community and friends. However, I don't think there is anything heroic about screaming "Yes Jesus" in the middle of a church service and certainly not Mr. Stamp's letter defending Fox News to a Newspaper in Tennessee.

But is the real problem with Fox for putting out propaganda and misinformation or the viewers who support them? It's neither. The real problem stems from the inclusion of Fox News by authentic agencies that has undermined the credibility of them all. The same Media that found the nerve to publicly skewer Dan Rather, but not for lying. He was dragged through the mud and fired for not having enough collaborating facts to run a story. Now, that same media refuses to call Fox what it is, a tool of the Right Wing Conservatives who’s sole purpose is to skew facts and spit out venomous propaganda. By simply including Fox News in any capacity gives them credibility and their viewers justification that neither deserve or have earned.

Let's face it, anyone who watches Fox that really wants to know the truth about a story or position, could do so easily. The problem is, the people who site Fox News as fact, don't want the truth. These Fox viewers want to watch a channel they agree with or one that pushes the agenda that promotes what is beneficial to them, either morally or financially.

The FCC fell short during the Bush Administration by refusing to put standards on what can and can not be called “News“. Hard to believe, right? However, everyone that considers themselves an American first and their political affiliation secondly should demand Legislation setting ethical guidelines by the FCC. We all should demand truth, regardless of how it effects our politics and since the truth really will set you free, they have nothing to be afraid of.

William Mize

April 1, 2011 at 2:16 p.m.

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