Laid-off workers say company didn't pay

JASPER, Tenn. - When the 20 employees at Universal Form Clamp Co. were summoned to the cafeteria Tuesday, they didn't know they were about to lose their jobs.

Bob Reilly, vice president of manufacturing, told them they had until 2 p.m. to gather their belongings and leave the premises for good, witnesses say.

"By the time we finished the meeting, security was there," former die-setter James Dodson said.

The fired workers were escorted out of the scaffolding and shoring manufacturer by guards, he said.

"He came into work, they made them work all day, and they didn't tell them anything until it was time to go home," said Lori Dodson, his wife.

The workers didn't know the plant's California-based parent company, Universal Building Products, had entered Chapter 11 in the U.S.