German consultants offer tips for prospective VW suppliers

3 ways to position your business for success with Volkswagen-- Understand and learn the structures and procedures of VW.-- Prepare personnel, specifically the sales team, and make the proper contacts at VW online and via phone.-- Be ready to show that your business is already able to meet the needs of VW in terms of quality, process and timing.-- Joerg Tinney of R.M.G. Consult GmbH in Germany

Business representatives looking to become possible suppliers for the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga were told Thursday that opportunity comes to those who are ready.

"Everybody needs to be prepared to jump into this business when it appears -- and it will," said Joerg Tinney, a senior consultant with RMG Consult GmbH, a German-based consulting firm.

Mr. Tinney and his colleague, senior consultant Andreas Geiger, spoke to local business officials about the challenges and opportunities for local companies at "Going Global," a seminar held by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce.

"Everyone concentrates on the core opportunities for business with Volkswagen but there are other things around that," Mr. Tinney said, adding that there are opportunities for business in areas of industrial services such as electrical installation and relocation/personal services like personal fitness.

In addition to providing tips, Trevor Hamilton, the Chamber's vice president of economic development, also provided a brief update on the progress of the Volkswagen project.

Mr. Hamilton said there are currently approximately 250 VW workers in Chattanooga with production workers to be hired between now and February.

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