Nation's fastest Internet sparks interest

"Why can't New York City get that? Maybe I should move to Tennessee," joked Bloomberg reporter Matt Miller during a recent television interview with EPB's Harold DePriest and Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey.

Joke or not, that's exactly the reaction DePriest and Ramsey hoped to provoke when they revealed last month that the EPB would offer a gigabit of bandwidth to Hamilton County businesses and consumers through its fiber-optic network, they said.

"While the country has the goal of having this in place within 10 years, this is in place [in Chattanooga] right now and at speeds 10 times the country's goal," Ramsey said.

Having access to a gigabit, or the ability to download roughly 23 songs from iTunes in one second, gives Chattanooga businesses and consumers the fastest Internet in the nation, and the nation noticed.