2 dead in Dade County, hundreds of homes destroyed

photo Damage from a tornado that touched down in Trenton, Ga. Staff Photo by Mariann Martin

TRENTON, Ga. - Two people are confirmed dead in Dade County and hundreds of homes are destroyed after a tornado touched down about 6 p.m. tonight.

Sheriff Patrick Cannon said there may be a third person dead, but he couldn't confirm it at this point.

Dade County emergency crews say the Edgewood Subdivision near Trenton has been razed, but there were many homes, apartments and businesses damaged in the southwest section of the city.

"I can tell you that this whole area got mowed down," one 911 dispatcher said.

A triage unit and a shelter were set up at Trenton First Baptist Church on South Main Street.

Though the Dade County Jail is without power, deputies said many people were coming to the facility tonight to seek shelter as the next wave of storms passed over about 9 p.m.

"The jail is much safer than a lot of other places right now," one deputy said.

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