Crabtree out as Hamilton County grand jury foreman

Marsha Crabtree, a longtime foreman of the Hamilton County grand jury, has been fired from her 20-year job.

Ms. Crabtree was not reappointed by Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Barry Steelman.

She said the move came because she criticized the court.

In September, the grand jury report released by Crabtree, read, in part:

"We cannot help but wonder if most of this (grand jury action) isn't a senseless exercise in futility.

"Law enforcement works very hard to get the criminals off of the street; the lower Courts generally do what they can at their level; the grand jury does its duty in deciding which cases should be sent to Criminal Court; and then, far too often, Criminal Court quickly releases them to begin the whole catch & release process once again. What is wrong with this picture?"

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