Nick Saban scolds media at Alabama fan day

photo Nick Saban signs the back of an excited Tyzell Richardson's Bama shirt during the autograph session. The 11 year old Alabama fan couldn't believe his luck getting his shirt signed. Alabama football fans were invited to a football practice and Fan Day autograph session with Saban and the football team Sunday Aug. 5, 2012 at Bryant Denny Stadium.

Alabama held "Fan Day" festivities Sunday at Bryant-Denny Stadium, while coach Nick Saban had his first media scolding of the preseason.

Saban's rant occurred before he took any questions.

"All these predictions that you all make - they hijack the game," Saban said, "because all anybody worries about in college football is the BCS. Who's going to be in the final game? We've got a lot of great games for our fans and for our players. The Michigan game is going to be a great game. The Arkansas game. The Tennessee game. LSU. Auburn.

"I could go through every game on our schedule and say how exciting a game it's going to be. And why do we play the games? To answer the questions. I don't even know for sure who our quarterback is going to be the sixth game of the year, and nobody here can predict that."

Saban said the goal of his team is to be "relentless competitors."

An estimated 3,000 fans attended Alabama's only open workout of the year, which included an autograph session. The Crimson Tide will resume practice this afternoon.

"The best part about today is being able to give back to the fans," sophomore linebacker Trey DePriest said. "They come out every game and support us, so to be able to give back is great."