Agenda 21 provokes conspiracy fears in Chattanooga

photo Mark West

WHAT IS AGENDA 21?Agenda 21 is an action plan adopted by the United Nations during a 1992 conference on the environment and development held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The number 21 refers to the 21st century, and the plan centers on sustainable development while preserving the environment.

A 20-year-old United Nations plan has crept steadily into the local public discussion, with some local officials saying it is nothing more than a suggestion on how to make a community better.

But others say it is something to be feared, a guide to world domination and a guiding tool of Chattanooga government.

It is called Agenda 21.

The man who leads Chattanooga government said Agenda 21 is not the guiding principle for his administration and called the group leading the charge a "conspiracy theorist" group.