Chili time: Chef shares recipes for fall's signature dish

It's the time of year when there's nothing more appetizing than a bowl of homemade chili.

Deborah Anziano, owner of Debo's Kitchen, a meal delivery business (, is something of a chili connoisseur.

From 2001 to 2008, she and her husband, David Anziano, owned and operated Anziano's Deli in downtown Chattanooga.

"It was like our own little 'Cheers' setting with repeat customers for breakfast and lunch every morning," she said. "Many of my soups were in a steady rotation there. I had an ongoing list of customers to call when I made their favorite soup."

Now, Anziano develops new recipes in a commercial kitchen and delivers meals to customers locally and nationally who place orders through her weekly newsletter. Among her favorite recipes are variations of chili.

A graduate of the Memphis Culinary Academy, she said she concentrated on learning classic soups, which include chili.