FBI, millionaire's wife linked to fired Ringgold cop

It was late October 2012 when Ringgold, Ga., police Sgt. Tom Evans drove to the Acoustic Cafe to check on a report of a drunken driver.

He found FBI Special Agent Ken Hillman with Angela Russell, the estranged wife of millionaire local businessman Emerson Russell, and their daughter Katherine. The three were trying to drive away from the nightspot on RBC Drive.

Records show at least one of the three had been refused drinks after dancing and weaving through the live music cafe making a scene, and they all appeared drunk.

Instead of arresting someone on a DUI charge, Evans left his post in Ringgold and drove the three out of state to Chattanooga. Then, when Katherine Russell needed a ride back to Ringgold, she said that he requested that she flash her breasts to Evans, according to an interview in a Ringgold Police Department internal investigation.