Plan to make crime help fund Tennessee government doesn't

photo Tennessee Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons

BREACH OF OBSERVANCEA 2011 law requires county court clerks to let the state know about people with criminal convictions who aren't paying fines and court costs. But of Tennessee's 95 counties, only nine are complying. They are:DavidsonGilesHamblenHamiltonKnoxLoudonMadisonShelbyWashingtonSource: Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

NASHVILLE - State lawmakers thought a 2011 bill allowing revocation of driver's licenses for deadbeats who failed to pay criminal fines and court costs would reap millions in reinstatement fees.

But seven months into the first year of operation, only nine counties are complying and the state has collected just $22,425.

The shortfall has left a gaping hole in the department's budget, Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons said last week.