Cumberland Plateau cave art reveals native people's lives

photo This image in North Alabama depicts a human figure, possibly the shaman/artist himself. Scientist Jan Simek says the figure is interacting with the circle and cross symbol believed to represent the multiple levels of spiritual existence, and the shaman might have been demonstrating how and where he literally crossed the boundary to the underworld inside where the other figure to the right awaits. Contributed Photo by Alan Cressler.

ROCK ART SITES Below are the numbers of rock art sites in the Cumberland Plateau region according to location and technique. Petroglyphs are engravings; mud glyphs are traced into wet cave soil; and pictographs are made with pigments derived from charcoal or iron oxide. Site type // Petroglyphs // Pictographs // Mud glyphs // Total Cave sites // 24 // 16 // 10 // 50 Open air sites // 16 // 28 // 0 // 44 Source: Antiquity Publications Ltd.