Anti-, pro-union voices fight over VW plant

photo An anti-union billboard sponsored by a Washington, D.C.-based group faces traffic traveling northbound on Highway 153 near Shallowford Road. The ad was installed as an education attempt against the UAW organizing in the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant.


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Chattanooga is finding itself in the center of an increasingly pitched battle over unionizing Volkswagen's auto assembly plant.

A Washington, D.C.-based group is ramping up a summer-long campaign to convince plant workers and Chattanoogans in general about what it calls "devastating" consequences for the factory, city and state should the employees unionize.

Pro-union forces, such as the Michigan-based United Auto Workers, continue to press their case for what they say is "a new model" where the workforce and management aren't adversarial but rather vie for the same goal.