Nashville Notebook: 'Pork Report' targets EPB, Chattanooga Airport

photo Chattanooga Airport

A group that advocates for less government and lower taxes issued its annual Tennessee Pork Report this week, charging state and local governments "squandered" $511 million over the past year in overpayments, economic incentives and other programs it considers wasteful.

The Beacon Center of Tennessee report likens $95 million in spending for the troubled Hemlock Semiconductor plant in Clarksville to the federal Solyndra scandal. That was enough to earn the group's 2013 "Pork of the Year" award for Hemlock.

The company laid off most employees and now is operating with a skeleton crew.

Beacon Center CEO Justin Owen also lambastes the state's Department of Labor and Workforce Development over $73 million in improper payments to the unemployed -- only about $15 million of which has been recovered.