Split-up season: From January to March, divorce rates rise

MUSIC 'N' MAYHEMWhile national statistics show that divorce filings spike between January and March, here in Chattanooga, there's another time when they jump.Riverbend."People tend to fight during Riverbend for some reason," says Carol Anderson, the parenting coordinator for Hamilton County who counsels couples with minor children filing for divorce. "I think it has to do with the fact that people are out drinking more."

BEFORE FILING FOR DIVORCE ...If you're considering filing for divorce, here are nine tips from FindLaw.com to consider:• Can your marriage be saved? Divorce is expensive, and can have an emotional toll for you and your children that can last for years. Ask yourself if you've done everything possible to avoid divorce, including seeking marriage or mental health counseling for yourself as well as for you and your spouse.•