Helped a Lott: UTC defensive tackle nurtured by Myers couple

photo UTC football player Derrick Lott, with his sister, Wesleigh Myers.

"Growing up I had a rough life. It wasn't bad; it was just tough sometimes. ... If it wasn't for them, who knows what I'd be doing. ... Coach Chris and Ms. Carrie took me in and became family for me. I have two sets of parents, and that's a real blessing."

- Derrick Lott

Derrick Lott climbed into the passenger's seat of the white Ford F250 pickup truck without hesitation. Before his middle school basketball coach, Chris Myers, offered the lift home, Lott was certain he would have to quit the team because he didn't have transportation.

But one ride became a daily ritual, and soon the 15-minute trip from the gym to Lott's house had laid the foundation for a relationship that went beyond coach and player.