Cook: Secretary, please come with me

photo David Cook

Welcome to Chattanooga, Arne Duncan.

Here's the tour you won't get.

It starts in our public schools, which you aren't visiting.

How strange. You're the secretary of Education, the White Houser who came from Washington to tour the neighborhood. In Memphis, you're headed to an elementary school. In Nashville, a middle school. In Atlanta, Booker T. Washington High.

But here?

Tonight, you're visiting a preschool, not one of our public schools.

That's cold, Mr. Secretary. Low down and stone cold.

Was there no public school you'd want to see? No Hamilton County classroom to tell the rest of America about?

Let me tell you what you're missing.

"Lots of discontent. Resignation. Depression. Many teachers will leave this year, including me," one teacher recently told me.