Be prepared for enterovirus; rare strain can cause severe respiratory distress in kids

WHAT TO LOOK FOR• The initial symptoms of the enterovirus are much like the common cold, with running nose and coughing.• This particular strain of virus will typically not cause a fever.• If children start showing signs of respiratory distress - shortness of breath, wheezing, turning blue - parents should isolate the child and immediately seek medical help.STAY ON GUARDThere is no vaccine or specific treatment for Enterovirus D-68 or other common enteroviruses. It's best to take traditional preventive measures: hand washing, cleaning frequently touched surfaces, and keeping children home if they start showing symptoms of illness.

photo Dr. Melissa Keene discusses the affects of Enterovirus D68 during a news conference Monday afternoon at the Niswonger Children's Hospital in Johnson City, Tenn.