Chattanooga will prevail after tragedy and other letters to the editors

Flags placed by hundreds of people stand in a makeshift memorial at the military recruiting office on Lee High following last week's deadly shooting of five service members.

Chattanooga will prevail after tragedy

What a horrible crime that occurred on the morning of July 16 on Lee Highway and Amnicola Highway. It is incomprehensible.

I applaud the professionalism of law enforcement, city officials and the acts of bravery shown by the military.

Even though details of why this troubled Muslim did this, we still don't know his true motivations.

Let's look to God for answers. We as citizens can pray for Chattanooga, the five men who lost their lives and for those remaining. God bless Chattanooga. We will get through this!

Jo Ann Follis, Hixson

Obama should be ashamed

What is wrong with you, Barack Hussein Obama? Five service members were killed in an attack. You haven't been to Chattanooga, but Peyton Manning came.