Cherokee educator Diamond answers questions about cultural artifacts at the Cherokee Heritage Festival at Red Clay State Park on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015, in Cleveland, Tenn. The festival marks the first time since 1838 that the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes have met at the park.

The most memorable quotes in the Chattanooga Times Free Press for Aug. 30-Sept. 5:

"I came here as a child, but I didn't really understand what this place means. Now my kids and family come here, and I teach them the legacy and show them what's going on. It has so much meaning now for all of us."

- Brandon Jones, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians tribal councilman, at Red Clay State Historic Park

"Islam is communism with a god a state, wrapped in a religion so they can get the tax breaks, so they cannot have government intrusion into their mosques. They are able to use our own system against us."

- Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond at Pachyderm Club

"When you've got sheriffs saying they're going to monitor law-abiding citizens based solely on their faith, and that Muslims are trying to take over the country, these are the kinds of statements you heard in pre-war Germany about another minority faith community."

- Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations

"If it comes to eradicating geese or a goose hitting an aircraft with 150 people, the goose has got to go."

- Maurice Songy, of Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, on what airport officials will do about pesky Canada geese endangering flight operations

"We're going to try to continue and play here. We want to play here because that's what's best for the kids."

- East Ridge football coach Tracy Malone, after the school's deteriorated home-side stands were condemned

"We've heard a lot of evidence about how the ox is in the ditch. We haven't heard anything about how we're going to get him out."

- Bankruptcy Judge Paul Bonapfel to attorneys for Hutcheson Medical Center and its creditors