Sheriff Hammond doesn't rule out charges for adults involved in Ooltewah rape case

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond told a group gathered at the local Pachyderm meeting today that charges are not pending against any adults here in Hamilton County in connection with the alleged assault and rape of an Ooltewah High School freshman by his teammates.

"We do not, at this time, have anything concrete to move forward [with pressing charges against adults in Hamilton County,]" Hammond said.

He clarified that charges against adults involved in this case are not out of the question, but that at this time an "arrest is not imminent."

Hammond told those gathered that two of his best detectives are working with authorities in Gatlinburg, Tenn., to investigate the charges pending against three former Ooltewah basketball players in Sevier County for aggravated rape and aggravated assault.

Detectives are also investigating the case here in Hamilton County to determine if anything inappropriate took place in Hamilton County prior to the Dec.