Once home to 6,000 workers, Alstom facility will cease manufacturing operations by year's end

Nuclear drought, oil glut doomed Alstom operations in Chattanooga

The Alstom plant on Riverfront Parkway in downtown Chattanooga is seen Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2015.

GE Power timeline

* 1888 - James Casey and M.M. Hedges bought property from creditors of a defunct iron company and formed the Casey-Hedges Co. Its business was the making of small boilers.* 1889 - Patrick Walsh and Michael Weidner set up the Walsh-Weidner Co. to produce pressure vessels, tanks, fire tube and water tube boilers.* 1928 - The two companies consolidated and became known as the Hedges, Walsh, Weidner Co. After that, Combustion Engineering purchased the new organization.* 1956 - Combustion’s Chattanooga facilities occupied 100 acres and more than 1.5 million square feet of floor space.* 1989 - Combustion is swallowed by Asea Brown Boveri.* 2000 - Alstom buys the boiler and fossil fuel business of ABB* 2007 - Alstom announces plans for a new $300 million Chattanooga plant.*