Adults charged in Ooltewah rape case turn themselves in for second time

photo Andre "Tank" Montgomery
photo Jesse Nayadley
photo Karl Williams
Three Ooltewah High School athletics officials presented themselves for booking Thursday in connection to the Dec. 22 rape of an OHS freshman, allegedly by his teammates, at a basketball tournament.

Head Basketball Coach Andre "Tank" Montgomery, Assistant Basketball Coach Karl Williams and the school's athletic director, Allard "Jesse" Nayadley all were booked and charged with failing to report child sexual abuse, jail records show.

The three had tried to turn themselves in earlier this week, according to Edna Camp, a Hamilton County Criminal Court clerk.

But an official at the jail made a mistake Tuesday and sent the men home, saying they did not need to go through the process of being booked, fingerprinted and having their mugshots taken.

Camp said that was not correct and the three men would have to return to the jail before March 17 to be processed and booked. Charges against the men remain before a Hamilton County grand jury.

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