Retirement Conundrum: I've saved, I've retired, but now what?

Congratulations! You made it to retirement. Now you can relax and enjoy life. No more punching a time clock. No more senseless meetings where everyone is multi-tasking and not paying a bit of attention to you. Your hard-earned retirement income is on the way.

Ahhhh yes-family, faith, exercise, travels, reading, cooking, learning a new language, the possibilities are endless.

But can you really relax?

Hopefully, you have been planning this day for years. Sadly, most Americans spend more time planning their family vacation than they do planning for retirement. So if your journey through retirement might need some updated maps, here are some simple thoughts to consider.

- First, understand that you now have competing goals with which to manage your portfolio. Your goal to maintain your level of spending can be in conflict with your goal to preserve (in real terms) and grow your nest egg at a rate needed for your life expectancy.