Brainerd bar's beer sales suspended over 'flash mob' Super Bowl sex show

This 2012 file photo shows Christy's Sports Bar at 3469 Brainerd Road in Chattanooga.

Video of naked women engaged in oral sex during the Super Bowl at Christy's Sports Bar at 3469 Brainerd Road resulted in a 30-day suspension of beer sales at the bar issued Thursday by the Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board.

One woman wore an Atlanta Falcon's hat, and they both had on high heels in the video that was posted for a while on the bar's Facebook page, Assistant City Attorney Keith Reisman said, and still can be seen elsewhere on the Internet.

"The owner, Mr. [Jesse] McAdoo, said he was cooking outside when this whole thing started," Reisman said.

"Apparently, there's some kind of flash-mobbing going on," Reisman said. "Somebody told [McAdoo] it was some kind of flash mob performance. That's what his testimony was."

Christy's only has a license to sell beer, not liquor or wine, so it won't be able to offer any alcohol during the 30-day suspension.