Chattanooga data center already eyeing expansion

Jeff Uphues, dcBLOX Chief Executive Officer, points to generators that keep the dcBLOX data center in Chattanooga, Tenn., constantly running Friday, Sept. 22, 2017. One key to the company's success is redundancy with multiples of almost every piece that keeps the business operating if one piece fails.

We like to think the Gig City got a lot faster.

An Atlanta company that put in a $10 million data center in Chattanooga earlier this year says it has picked up key clients such as Mohawk Industries and EPB and already is eyeing an expansion.

"Based on the plan we've got, within the next two years (we expect) a physical expansion," said Jeff Uphues, chief executive of dcBLOX.

Uphues said Comcast, Windstream and AT&T also are local customers of dcBLOX's data center at Main Street and Central Avenue.

"We like to think the Gig City got a lot faster," Uphues said, adding that the data center brings the power of the internet closer to markets not in traditional centers such as Atlanta.