Cook: Our pain may not be what we think

Dr. Matt McClanahan is photographed in an exam room at Integrative Medicine & Associates on Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Dr. McClanahan approaches treating pain as both an psychological and physical issue.

Three months ago, I could barely walk, pain like a live wire roaring through my back and leg.

"A herniated disc," the doctor said.

After I moaned about this in an earlier column, many of you responded with your own pain story: back, neck, shoulder and so on. Pain is the great common denominator among us; living pain-free, the new American Dream. Pain affects more of us than cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Combined.

But I may have stumbled onto something. A cure, of sorts.

What if our pain isn't what we think it is?

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photo David Cook

Earlier this fall, desperate, I did what the doctors ordered:

An MRI of my spine.