Georgia's new law should clean up abandoned manufactured homes, but no movement locally so far

The door of an abandoned trailer in the Stoney Pointe Mobile Home Park swings in the wind on Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Rossville, Ga. A new Georgia law that allows land owners to move or buy homes that sit on their property, which is supposed to help solve the problem of abandoned manufactured homes, went into effect May 1.

A new Georgia law is supposed to solve the free-for-all, Wild West problems of old manufactured homes. But so far, there has not been much movement locally.

The new law, which took effect May 1, creates a process for land owners to move or sell houses that sit on their property. The issue seems simple, on the surface. But for years, property owners complained about beat-up manufactured homes left on their land.

To move or sell or rent a manufactured home, you need a title for it. Purchasing property with a home on it does not automatically give you the title. You must get it directly from the previous homeowner. Land can change hands dozens of times without a title change, leaving the latest property owner with no option.