Fare Exchange: Make-your-own ginger ale? Do try this at home

bakery background

Good morning, readers. Not a few of us envision a doctor's appointment as a brief encounter, clinical but not warm. Not so for Roseann Strazinsky of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, who promised her physician that she would bring him cookies on the next visit.

"On my last visit with one of my doctors, somehow we got on the subject of butterscotch and how we both love it. So I told him I would bring him some butterscotch cookies on my next visit. He said, 'OK. I'm writing that down; next appointment I'm getting butterscotch cookies from Roseann.' "

Then she responded, "I could use some help from your great readers. I wonder if anyone has a good butterscotch cookie recipe I could practice with, until my next appointment in April? Thank you."