Teachers call out commissioners who voted against more funding for public schools, teacher pay

Midday Wednesday at Hixson Middle School, teachers listen as school superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson speaks to the budget that will be given to the Hamilton County Commission.

After the Hamilton County Commission shot down a wheel tax referendum that could direct more funding to public schools last week, some Hamilton County teachers are saying they've had enough.

In an open letter Sunday, more than 70 teachers called out Commissioners Randy Fairbanks, Sabrena Smedley, Tim Boyd, Greg Martin and Chester Bankston for voting against the referendum and a 34-cent property tax increase included in the first round of FY 2020 budget proposals earlier this year.

In an email sent with the letter, Kendra Young, a teacher at East Hamilton School, asked the "community, the residents of Hamilton County we serve, to stand with us and demand better from our elected officials," as well as demand a teacher salary increase.

"The true test of whether or not our leaders support teachers is revealed in their actions, not empty praise.