Walker County Schools vary in need for free, reduced-price lunches

Second graders Toby Wolde, from left to right, Sam Zink and Tristan Yeargain, eat lunch in the cafeteria at Fairyland Elementary School on Monday morning.

On Tuesday morning at about 7:15, 10-year-old Allison Penk scooped out the last of the yogurt and granola from her breakfast parfait.

The fourth grader at Rossville Elementary School spends just about every morning of the school year in the cafeteria.

"I eat breakfast here all the time," Allison said with a wide smile.

Allison is one of about 300 students who regularly eat breakfast at Rossville Elementary.

Joshua Ford, 8, and Adriaunna Burns, 9, are two others.

Adriaunna really loves when the cafeteria serves mini pancakes for breakfast and spaghetti for lunch. Joshua is more of a classic biscuit and cheese sticks kind of guy.

Many students in Walker County and across Northwest Georgia depend on meals during school days. Many families depend on financial assistance for those meals through the federal government's free and reduced-price lunch program.