Hamilton County real estate transactions, March 26-April 1, 2020

NOTICE: The Hamilton County Register's Office did not publish this data. All information in the Register's Office is public information as set on in T.C.A. 10-7- 503. For questions regarding this report, call Mark Jones of the Chattanooga Times Free Press at 423-757-6505. Transactions of $10,000 and above recorded March 26-April 1, 2020, are included in this report. Quitclaim transactions are not included. Listings include address or GI number, seller(s), buyer(s) and sale price. GI numbers, listed when street addresses are not available, refer to the location of transactions (book number and page number) in the record of the Hamilton County Register Office, 423-209-6560.


TOTAL: (206 transactions) $60,653,414


APISON: (1) $319,901

10204 Stellata Ln; Buyer(s): Shanon Levi Heath, Danielle Heath; Seller(s): Pratt Homebuilders Llc; $319,901.


BIRCHWOOD: (1) $210,000

6542 Grazing Ln; Buyer(s): Laura Higgins; Seller(s): Justin L Kelly, Brandy R Kelly; $210,000.


CHATTANOOGA: (80) $21,761,923

1503 Dodds Ave; Buyer(s): Church Street Properties Llc; Seller(s): Development Co Of America Llc, Development Co Of America; $1,875,000.

609 Forest Ave; Buyer(s): Eric Olanie, M Teresa Volpone; Seller(s): Anthony A Williams, Lea Ann Williams; $1,370,000.

GI 11950 833; Buyer(s): Plainview Properties Llc; Seller(s): Amt Properties Llc; $925,000.

GI 11952 740; Buyer(s): William Burton Harris, Ashley Lynn Harris; Seller(s): Wayne R Covert, Beaumont Covert; $858,500.

4012 Obar Dr; Buyer(s): Robert A Mancuso, Christine L Bogardus; Seller(s): Charlotte Humphrey, James W Humphrey; $850,000.

GI 11956 266; Buyer(s): Xx Vision Llc; Seller(s): Berry & Hunt Partnership, Berry Hunt & Yarbrough Partnership; $800,000.

GI 11956 269; Buyer(s): Xx Vision Llc; Seller(s): Berry & Hunt Partnership, Berry Hunt & Yarbrough Partnership; $800,000.

GI 11950 964; Buyer(s): Erin M Stewart, Luke J Bugel; Seller(s): Lrbb Llc; $646,000.

GI 11955 249; Buyer(s): Sandbase Llc; Seller(s): Jerome Onoratini, Sophie Onoratini; $625,000.

GI 11955 213; Buyer(s): Susan S Council; Seller(s): Chet A Prado, Chester A Prado, Vikki M Prado, Vickie M Prado; $619,000.

GI 11952 451; Buyer(s): Yanstan Washington Gp; Seller(s): Helen R Maughon, Helen Maughon, Helen D Maughon; $525,000.

603 Alston Dr; Buyer(s): Sondra Tatum Mcginnis; Seller(s): Rtb Holdings Llc; $440,968.

1524 Buttonwood Loop; Buyer(s): B Kenneth Driver, Mary A Driver; Seller(s): Clayton Properties Group Inc; $400,000.

GI 11950 879; Buyer(s): Justin Ryan Wilhoit, Jennifer Ray Wilhoit; Seller(s): Julian G Iii Bennett; $392,500.

GI 11954 330; Buyer(s): Erin Harris, Andrew Harris; Seller(s): Paul Johnson, Emily B Johnson; $380,000.

GI 11950 947; Buyer(s): Stephen Counts, Lacy Counts; Seller(s): Terri A Turbeville, Terri A Bucher; $337,000.

3266 Ozark Cir; Buyer(s): Margaret Catherine Cates; Seller(s): Steven Symes Tr, Indenture Of Trust Of Steven Symes; $325,000.

147 Narragansette Ave; Buyer(s): Ricardo Medina, Ariana Sclarandis; Seller(s): Rtb Holdings Llc; $319,900.

GI 11950 275; Buyer(s): Tan Hoang Vo; Seller(s): Lisa M Carlile, Kenneth R Jr Carlile; $309,250.

8423 Wynfair Ln; Buyer(s): Douglas Hayden Suits; Seller(s): Nehal Pravinkumar Paneria; $298,055.

GI 11957 98; Buyer(s): Shireena Nicole Avery; Seller(s): Jrs Development At Carnell Llc; $279,350.

2132 Haven Crest Dr; Buyer(s): Harvey Jerome Jr Byrd, Amanda Byrd; Seller(s): Holly Vandergriend, Ben Mccurdy; $266,700.

GI 11949 692; Buyer(s): June M Cosby; Seller(s): Linda Koger Smith, Mack Stanley Smith; $265,000.

4506 Cove Ln; Buyer(s): Sarah Anne Perry, Caroline Leigh Vason, Thomas Christian Smartt; Seller(s): Chattanooga Funding Llc; $262,000.

GI 11951 494; Buyer(s): Cameron K Mulligan, Sloane P Mulligan; Seller(s): Susan Abercrombie, Matthew Pellegrino; $259,900.

229 Delmont St; Buyer(s): Brelyn Chase Grant; Seller(s): David Bruce Peterson, Susan Brandt Peterson; $255,000.

707 Spears Ave; Buyer(s): James Clayton Jr Harris; Seller(s): Terence L Pickett, Gwendolyn Suttles-Pickett; $255,000.

GI 11956 421; Buyer(s): Christopher Childress, Amanda Childress; Seller(s): Richard A Smitherman, Tatyana Zharova-Smitherman; $252,500.

GI 11950 100; Buyer(s): Thomas E Smith, Tammy L Rees; Seller(s): Ricky C Gibbons, Anne Gibbons, Ann M Gibbons; $247,500.

507 Renaissance Ct; Buyer(s): Amanda Christine Reed; Seller(s): Craig R Fulton, Rebecca A Whiddon; $247,000.

GI 11953 362; Buyer(s): Courtney Pridgen, Chris Pridgen; Seller(s): Robert B Irby, Emily Irby; $245,000.

GI 11949 979; Buyer(s): Andrew S Courtney, Cassie R Courtney; Seller(s): Gabriel W Glass, Gabriel Wilson Glass, John Russell Glass; $231,000.

GI 11956 803; Buyer(s): Colson James Hagan; Seller(s): Tlmw Inc; $215,000.

4531 Oakwood Dr; Buyer(s): Elisha L Kaska, Fredrick D Kaska; Seller(s): Scenic City Development Corp; $204,000.

GI 11953 28; Buyer(s): Royce S Copeland, Evelyn Copeland; Seller(s): Clarita O Calle; $202,500.

GI 11950 68; Buyer(s): Hannah Nicole Gentry, Douglas Leon Gentry; Seller(s): Blue Mountain Co Gp; $199,900.

414 N St Marks Ave; Buyer(s): Richard L Jr Andres, Tracy L Andres; Seller(s): Donzell Ward, Maria Ward; $191,000.

22 Abelia Ln; Buyer(s): Lakiesha Smartt; Seller(s): Graham Manor, Kelagn Manor, Kelagn Hawhee; $190,000.

GI 11956 172; Buyer(s): Ameer Basam Jibrin, Alexandria Nicole Jibrin; Seller(s): Rebecca J Fowlkes; $188,000.

GI 11957 141; Buyer(s): Vivek Parekh; Seller(s): Zachery H Brandon, Leandra T Brandon; $188,000.

GI 11949 662; Buyer(s): Kristie Dawn Doan; Seller(s): Paris Construction Co Llc; $186,000.

GI 11951 313; Buyer(s): Amado Jordan, Eliany Ortiz; Seller(s): Jonida Y Jackson; $185,000.

533 Callaway Ct; Buyer(s): Janet Curtiss, Kellie Lane; Seller(s): A Dale Goodwin, Thelma Jean Goodwin; $180,000.

GI 11954 191; Buyer(s): Briana Gilbert, Meagan France; Seller(s): Double Diamond Properties Llc; $180,000.

GI 11954 708; Buyer(s): William Lee Cantrell; Seller(s): Tennessee Valley Holdings Llc; $170,000.

2838 Harrison Pike; Buyer(s): Matthew J Nestell; Seller(s): Heather Wheatley; $167,500.

GI 11952 690; Buyer(s): Albert Georgekutty, Sindhu Georgekutty; Seller(s): Curtis L Smith, Clarice Smith; $159,900.

GI 11957 213; Buyer(s): Kaitlyn Rachelle Pace; Seller(s): Lemichael C Simmons, Latisha Simmons; $157,000.

602 Swansons Ridge; Buyer(s): Gdp Properties Llc; Seller(s): Vicki L Hateley; $155,000.

GI 11949 826; Buyer(s): Gary Lee Musser Tr, Esther Jeanette Musser Tr, Musser Revocable Family Trust; Seller(s): Jye-Fu Shiau Tr, Revocable Trust Agreement Of Jye-Fu Shiau; $155,000.

813 Summit Ave; Buyer(s): Jose Vargas, Isabel Velasquez; Seller(s): Sergio Bianchini; $150,000.

GI 11952 687; Buyer(s): Troy S Potter; Seller(s): Connie C Gibson, Connie Cherise Mitchell; $150,000.

GI 11952 320; Buyer(s): Kai Zheng, Zhen Zhen Shi; Seller(s): Ta Ching Chang, Chang Ta Ching; $143,900.

GI 11954 237; Buyer(s): Ian Taylor Lones, Samantha Smith; Seller(s): Rodney Terry, Angelia Terry; $133,000.

GI 11952 343; Buyer(s): James Clifton Temples, Ellen Temples; Seller(s): Rob Henson; $127,000.

GI 11956 979; Buyer(s): Robert Lloyd Crabtree; Seller(s): Regal Realty Llc; $125,000.

GI 11949 697; Buyer(s): Johnika Everhart; Seller(s): John A Jr Geeter; $109,000.

1510 Truman Ave; Buyer(s): Nathan Nisonger, Amber Bucker; Seller(s): Debra K Morse; $101,000.

GI 11954 661; Buyer(s): Albert William Jr Knepper Tr, Venisha Lynn Knepper Tr, Albert William Knepper Jr & Venisha Lynn Knepper Living Trust; Seller(s): Steven K Thompson, Arhmin B Thompson, Arhmin Thompson; $85,000.

GI 11949 738; Buyer(s): Christopher Lee, Bradley Norris; Seller(s): Harold A Shirk; $84,600.

GI 11954 604; Buyer(s): Elia Chavez Lorenzo; Seller(s): Donald D Nichols Tr, Donald D Nichols Trust; $84,500.

GI 11950 239; Buyer(s): Gordon Strunk; Seller(s): Connie Diane Griffith, Brian Keith Crownover; $80,000.

4233 Crestview Dr; Buyer(s): Chattanooga Property Solutions Llc; Seller(s): Jane K Lancaster; $75,000.

3629 Cherokee Ave; Buyer(s): Jason Krawitz; Seller(s): Dustin Plummer; $75,000.

GI 11953 214; Buyer(s): Justin Lee Goodrich; Seller(s): Oceleia Coppage; $68,000.

GI 11952 449; Buyer(s): Satishkumar Patel; Seller(s): Todd Vandergriff; $65,000.

1429 Vance Rd; Buyer(s): Hawthorne Holdings Llc; Seller(s): Lanny Masters, Carlene Masters; $65,000.

4049 Homer St; Buyer(s): Asset Preservation Inc, David Walker Realty Inc; Seller(s): John H Vii Marable, Susan Marable; $62,000.

2105 Ivy St; Buyer(s): Brad Smotherman; Seller(s): Dekevious Martin; $60,000.

802 Spears Ave; Buyer(s): Yaardvark Investments Llc; Seller(s): Dequea Moore, Chenefah Takela Moore; $60,000.

4511 Tennessee Ave; Buyer(s): Josh Barr; Seller(s): Robert S Sr Magness, Donna Magness; $59,500.

3722 Juandale Dr; Buyer(s): Desiree Disterick Tr, Myrna Whitehead Tr, Toluca Park Square Trust; Seller(s): Otis Tiller, Velma Tiller, Reginald Tiller, Bleshette Mason Tiller, Belinda Tiller, Darryl Tiller, Gregory Tiller, Terry Tiller, Steven Drake, Steve Drake, Limmie Drake; $58,500.

GI 11953 737; Buyer(s): Hfi Llc; Seller(s): Jonathan Hammond; $55,000.

1609 N Chamberlain Ave; Buyer(s): Value Premise Llc; Seller(s): Tecelia Keaton; $47,500.

2535 Leaning Tree Ln; Buyer(s): Wellington Investment Properties Llc; Seller(s): Jeffrey Shaffer, April Shaffer, Jeffrey Daniel Shaffer; $42,500.

204 N Lovell Ave; Buyer(s): Dennis Group Inc; Seller(s): Rehab Properties Llc; $42,000.

GI 11955 376; Buyer(s): Steven D Pickett; Seller(s): David Frank Ross; $42,000.

GI 11952 149; Buyer(s): Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise Inc; Seller(s): Urbanize Llc; $28,000.

1730 Explorer Ln; Buyer(s): Sheryl Twitty; Seller(s): Sandra King, Sandra Bennett, Dorothy Tatum, Dorothy Jenkins Tatum; $25,000.

4100 Hooker Rd ; Buyer(s): Ruth A Flemister; Seller(s): Jack R Hancock, John R Hancock; $23,000.


HARRISON: (3) $1,053,525

6528 Hwy 58; Buyer(s): Wilmington Trust National Assn Tr, Mfra Trust 2014-2; Seller(s): Terry Case, Terry A Case, Wilson & Associates Pllc Tr; $777,000.

Hidden Branches Rd; Buyer(s): Randall L Cox; Seller(s): Mls Holdings Group Llc; $185,000.

5840 Pine Lake Dr; Buyer(s): Gdp Properties Llc; Seller(s): Mary C Holdaway; $91,525.


HIXSON: (9) $2,241,300

584 Canyon Edge Ln; Buyer(s): Jameria Q Crowe, Nicholas Crowe; Seller(s): Tim Hardy, Tim Hardy Construction; $399,900.

718 Soaring Eagle Cir; Buyer(s): Christopher Todd Arrants; Seller(s): Michelle Grant, Jason Grant; $314,900.

9355 Fremont Way; Buyer(s): Diego Juaquin Trujillo, Erica Holmes Trujillo; Seller(s): Tidewater Properties Llc; $308,000.

6503 Joyful Dr; Buyer(s): John Parks, Therese M Parks; Seller(s): Evelyn M Stout, Grady Charles Stout; $305,000.

5830 Crestview Dr; Buyer(s): Valerie R Lauer; Seller(s): Vicki Smith, Erin Sams; $205,000.

1639 Gunston Hall Rd; Buyer(s): Daniel Luis Ortiz Tr, Holly Susan Ortiz Tr, Daniel Luis Ortiz & Holly Susan Ortiz Joint Property Trust; Seller(s): Karen W Ellis, David A Wise; $200,000.

6312 Hixson Pike; Buyer(s): 4 Paws Veterinary Partners Llc; Seller(s): George W Scorey, Jimmy L Stanford, Kevin Ade, Mlv Properties; $189,000.

1721 Colorado St; Buyer(s): Gabriel Hughes Thrash; Seller(s): David L Shankles, Stacy R Shankles; $169,500.

245 Dolores Dr; Buyer(s): Katherine A Barnes; Seller(s): Susannah Ferguson, Matthew Ferguson; $150,000.


OOLTEWAH: (8) $2,077,300

9511 Silver Stone Ln; Buyer(s): Debrorah Lynn Maggs-Quinn; Seller(s): Taylor Hogan, Catherine Hogan; $375,000.

8898 Seven Lakes Dr; Buyer(s): John Connor Litchfield, Darby Katherine Killough; Seller(s): Larry David Ii Gladden, Crystal S Gladden; $342,000.

9384 Leyland Dr; Buyer(s): Edmund Roger Johnson, Sandra Patricia Johnson; Seller(s): Greg Spalding; $338,400.

6590 Frankfurt Rd; Buyer(s): Terran Drew Kidner, Anna Mackenzie Burk; Seller(s): Tidewater Properties Llc; $307,000.

6550 Frankfurt Rd; Buyer(s): Kelvin Lamont Chambliss; Seller(s): Tidewater Properties Llc; $299,900.

8417 Balata Dr; Buyer(s): Carey Thornhill; Seller(s): Brian K Taylor, Sheila M Taylor; $150,000.

9898 Baker Boy Dr; Buyer(s): Chattanooga Property Solutions Llc; Seller(s): Kenneth Michael Barrett; $140,000.

9621 Hwy 58; Buyer(s): Joy H Jackson, Kellie M Graham; Seller(s): Lauren T Scanlon, Lauren T Bell, Alec Scanlon; $125,000.


SIGNAL MOUNTAIN: (1) $485,000

2 Oliver Ct; Buyer(s): Sam E Jr Miles, Roberta Tillery Miles Tr, Roberta Tillery Miles Trust; Seller(s): Dorothy K Heggie; $485,000.

SODDY-DAISY (6) $2,060,305

11283 Bent Creek Dr; Buyer(s): Grady Charles Stout, Evelyn M Stout; Seller(s): Scott H Powell, Cynthia S Powell; $426,900.

12050 Mare Ct; Buyer(s): Thomas J Hauch, Barbara J Hauch; Seller(s): Nu-Era Construction Llc; $411,490.

10983 High River Dr; Buyer(s): Timothy Leland Von Hollen, Kristi Lynn Von Hollen; Seller(s): Pratt Homebuilders Llc; $409,900.

2027 Ell Rd; Buyer(s): Brandon D Edmondson, Cayla O Edmondson; Seller(s): Michaels Homes Llc; $331,015.

9914 Whirling Wind Ln; Buyer(s): Randi Chambers, Wesley Chambers; Seller(s): Mark Neel, Joy C Neel; $246,000.

321 Timberline Cir; Buyer(s): Gary A Steele, Lena E Steele; Seller(s): James L Jr Hale, Keri W Hale; $235,000.


UNDESIGNATED: (97) $30,444,160

GI 11952 314; Buyer(s): Gene Geiger, Tara Geiger; Seller(s): Robert E Jr Smith; $2,100,000.

GI 11950 315; Buyer(s): Beverly Llc; Seller(s): Pinewood Village Apartments Llc; $2,005,000.

GI 11957 450; Buyer(s): Auto Shine Car Wash Llc; Seller(s): Lighthouse Enterprises Llc; $1,372,020.

GI 11951 879; Buyer(s): James M Jr Dunn, Lesley H Dunn; Seller(s): Donald F Thatcher, Raymond C Gorrell; $780,000.

GI 11954 721; Buyer(s): Matthew Aaron Gibson, Sarag Gibson; Seller(s): James M Jr Dunn, Lesley H Dunn; $780,000.

GI 11955 391; Buyer(s): Thomas L Belew Tr, Lorrie Jo Belew Tr, Belew Family Trust Number One; Seller(s): Allison Goddard; $698,700.

GI 11952 514; Buyer(s): 3Rd Stop Gp; Seller(s): Chris S Maughon, Helen D Maughon, Helen Maughon; $650,000.

GI 11951 758; Buyer(s): Cindy H Richardson, Michael E Richardson; Seller(s): Waters-Holland Llc; $625,000.

GI 11955 474; Buyer(s): Rachel Harwood, Ruslan Harwood; Seller(s): Robert A Franklin; $540,000.

GI 11954 911; Buyer(s): Andre Louw, Susan Louw; Seller(s): Dwell Designed Construction Llc; $537,350.

GI 11957 191; Buyer(s): Spencer Grant Carriker, Christy Lynn Carriker; Seller(s): Michael E Richardson, Cynthia H Richardson; $510,000.

GI 11955 7; Buyer(s): Matthew J Brinkley, Lindsay M Brinkley; Seller(s): Lance Trewhella, Rachel E Trewhella; $495,000.

GI 11954 664; Buyer(s): Chelsea Rose Ryan, Kasey Tyler Simmang; Seller(s): Rp Homes Llc; $494,550.

GI 11949 681; Buyer(s): Laurie A Buchanan Tr, Eric L Buchanan Tr, Marital Trust For Benefit Of Laurie A Buchanana; Seller(s): Linda Davis Pitner; $450,000.

GI 11951 811; Buyer(s): Terry W Buckner, Yvette D Buckner; Seller(s): Steve L Jr Karman, Debra R Karman; $437,000.

GI 11953 735; Buyer(s): Harry Joseph Kingerski Tr, Angelina Maria Kingerski Tr, Kingerski Revocable Living Trust; Seller(s): Justin R Wilhoit, Jennifer R Wilhoit; $435,000.

GI 11954 775; Buyer(s): Alexander Shiaosun Chen, Tyra Teadt; Seller(s): Howard Aleshire, Trisha Aleshire; $425,000.

GI 11952 541; Buyer(s): Kyle A House, Kyle Miller; Seller(s): Ethan Collier Construction Co Inc; $420,500.

GI 11955 330; Buyer(s): Benjamin K Coffman, Theresa C Coffman; Seller(s): Robert Reese Goode, Lauren Belcher Goode; $395,000.

GI 11952 718; Buyer(s): Anne Marie Presbury; Seller(s): Trust Homes Llc; $385,900.

GI 11957 412; Buyer(s): David Barton, Judy Barton; Seller(s): Crowe Properties Llc; $368,000.

GI 11957 425; Buyer(s): Ronald B Felix, Dionne C Felix; Seller(s): Betty A Young, Harold E Young; $355,900.

GI 11950 27; Buyer(s): Kenston R Oneal; Seller(s): Scenic City Home Builders Llc; $350,000.

GI 11956 106; Buyer(s): John Michael Jr Howard, Bethany Daniels Howard; Seller(s): River Stone Construction Llc; $344,900.

GI 11954 100; Buyer(s): Jeremy Lane Flemmons, Tracie Danielle Flemmons; Seller(s): Justin K Joshuva, Teena Varghese; $341,000.

GI 11952 908; Buyer(s): Carlos Gutierrez, Abby Gutierrez; Seller(s): Charles A Davidson; $340,000.

GI 11957 295; Buyer(s): Thomas Bagwell, Lauren Bagwell; Seller(s): Keith Ellis, Krystina Ellis; $339,000.

GI 11955 193; Buyer(s): Leslie Todd Pierce, Laura Williams Pierce; Seller(s): Kathryn D Ledbetter, Jason T Ledbetter, Jason Ledbetter; $329,250.

GI 11953 559; Buyer(s): Thornberry Villa Llc; Seller(s): Anna M Willis; $320,000.

GI 11949 606; Buyer(s): Michael B Byers, Barbara Byers; Seller(s): Flipper Bend Llc; $315,000.

GI 11950 815; Buyer(s): Sean Peerless, Nichole Leigh Peerless; Seller(s): Don E Brock, Anne Elizabeth Brock; $308,000.

GI 11954 470; Buyer(s): Heiko Juerges; Seller(s): Terry Wall, Martha Wall; $303,900.

GI 11957 463; Buyer(s): Robert D Jr Byerley, Schae Danielle Byerley; Seller(s): Headrick Construction Inc; $299,000.

GI 11953 665; Buyer(s): Raymond C Dunkin, Lynn M Dunkin; Seller(s): Tidewater Properties Llc; $290,000.

GI 11957 115; Buyer(s): Daniel Albert Hampton, Lauren Hampton; Seller(s): David Haskins; $290,000.

GI 11956 891; Buyer(s): Jason Bell, Jessica Bell; Seller(s): Jack M Mutter Tr, Elizabeth L Mutter Tr, Mutter Revocable Trust; $285,000.

GI 11950 364; Buyer(s): Dareth A Meredith, Ryne P Meredith; Seller(s): Tidewater Properties Llc; $282,000.

GI 11955 932; Buyer(s): Jennifer Knapp, Brian Knapp; Seller(s): Randall Gregory; $275,000.

GI 11950 24; Buyer(s): Brett William Walters; Seller(s): Andrew D Seymour, Jillian N Seymour; $269,900.

GI 11957 447; Buyer(s): Floyd Shadrick, Carolyn Shadrick; Seller(s): Robert E Nash, Joan P Nash; $269,900.

GI 11950 49; Buyer(s): Megan M Button; Seller(s): Kenston R Oneal; $268,000.

GI 11953 562; Buyer(s): Kenneth G Way, Patricia W Way; Seller(s): Chaseley Investments Llc; $265,000.

GI 11954 814; Buyer(s): David Douglas Macallister, Gwen Westervelt Macallister; Seller(s): Lindsey R Derosa, James R Goodrick; $262,500.

GI 11950 406; Buyer(s): Todd Oliver, Terri Oliver; Seller(s): Glasscock Developments Inc; $261,900.

GI 11953 416; Buyer(s): Kenneth G Way, Patricia W Way; Seller(s): Chaseley Investments Llc; $260,000.

GI 11949 255; Buyer(s): Marie-Eve Ruest, Austin Allen Davila; Seller(s): Carlos Gutierrez, Abigail Spickard; $259,000.

GI 11956 16; Buyer(s): Daniel Scott Williams, Kaitlyn Reanne Williams; Seller(s): Wesley Taylor Simmons, Richard G Simmons; $259,000.

GI 11954 423; Buyer(s): Lorraine A Kletschka; Seller(s): Dao Quang Le, Sydney J Stephens; $256,000.

GI 11953 643; Buyer(s): Terry A Jr Walker; Seller(s): Mark L Williams; $255,000.

GI 11951 17; Buyer(s): Wanda Benton; Seller(s): Ceasar R Gamble, Kimberly D Gamble; $251,000.

GI 11951 542; Buyer(s): Sergio Ramirez Gonzalez; Seller(s): Robert Broome, Christina Haskew Broome; $251,000.

GI 11949 631; Buyer(s): William E Cusack; Seller(s): Nancy Moreland, Keith E Moreland; $240,000.

GI 11956 281; Buyer(s): Crystal Starr Gladden; Seller(s): James M Reed, Timothy Morris Young, Andrienne Reed, Adrienne Shumaker Reed, James Michael Reed, Robin Reed Young; $230,000.

GI 11951 842; Buyer(s): Rebecca James; Seller(s): Hubert Gene Iii Shipley; $227,500.

GI 11949 409; Buyer(s): Patricia A George, Jeffrey R George; Seller(s): Marcos Antonio Arellano, Jessica Lynn Rossman; $226,300.

GI 11957 315; Buyer(s): Stephen Mitchell Reburn, Michelle Reburn; Seller(s): Patsy Moore, Lindsay Moore; $225,000.

GI 11956 70; Buyer(s): Tyronda Wilkerson; Seller(s): David G Fields; $224,900.

GI 11950 919; Buyer(s): William T Hines, Hunter D Crawford, Anne Hines; Seller(s): Tony D Burton, Connie P Burton; $210,000.

GI 11951 623; Buyer(s): Philip Davis, Erin Davis; Seller(s): Shawna Nicole Kocher-Stuarte; $210,000.

GI 11955 43; Buyer(s): Lauren Plumlee, Brandon Paige; Seller(s): James M Anderson Construction Llc; $199,500.

GI 11950 897; Buyer(s): Shawn William Cunniff; Seller(s): Elizabeth Anne Hines, William T Jr Hines, Elizabeth Anne Dawn; $197,750.

GI 11953 457; Buyer(s): Courtney Lynn Holscher, David Richard Holscher, Wendy L Holscher; Seller(s): James Strickland Langley, Susie Maxine Langley, Susie Maxine Underwood, Mitchell Grant Underwood; $196,500.

GI 11954 213; Buyer(s): Zachary Thomas Smotherman, Lacey Danielle Smotherman; Seller(s): Elizer Lenin Garcia; $195,000.

GI 11955 127; Buyer(s): Robert Iii Hinton, Rebekah J Hinton; Seller(s): Deborah G Tankersley, Herbert E Galloway; $193,300.

GI 11956 860; Buyer(s): Brandon H Lowry, Mary Allison Lowry; Seller(s): Gregory Brian Peek, Gregory B Peek, Terri Peek; $191,000.

GI 11950 82; Buyer(s): Albert Ross Boatwright, Elizabeth Regina Boatwright; Seller(s): Ryan Lieving, Cassandra Lieving; $189,900.

GI 11951 202; Buyer(s): Eliza Dumais; Seller(s): Douglas R Johnson Tr, Jimmie Lee Whatley, Arnetta Deniece Whatley, Arnetta D Whatley, Jimmie Lee Jr Whatley; $187,000.

GI 11952 676; Buyer(s): Laura D Malone, Alexander B Malone; Seller(s): Kristy L Risner-Wells, Michael Bryan Wells, Kristy Leigh Risner; $180,000.

GI 11956 784; Buyer(s): Edward Stepp, Stormy Stepp; Seller(s): James T Brothers, Tamara K Fosdick-Brothers; $178,000.

GI 11950 454; Buyer(s): M&T Real Estate Llc; Seller(s): 4909 Marlow Drive Trust, L D Furrate Tr; $175,000.

GI 11956 837; Buyer(s): Douglas L Laman, Stacy T Laman; Seller(s): Kevin Joshua Parsons; $175,000.

GI 11954 286; Buyer(s): Andrew Justin Kletschka; Seller(s): Lorraine Anne Kletschka, Lori Kletschka; $171,000.

GI 11949 943; Buyer(s): Andrea M Warren, Josh David Baldwin; Seller(s): Randall Hilton, April Hilton; $169,900.

GI 11954 257; Buyer(s): Elizabeth Bennett, Daniel Evans; Seller(s): Timothy Alan Dodd, Jamie Lynn Owens; $167,500.

GI 11949 905; Buyer(s): Mark Shawn Mccrary, Kelly Mccrary; Seller(s): Jason Myers, Jennifer Myers; $162,000.

GI 11950 223; Buyer(s): Tiffany Marie Corkran, Jacob Heath Cash; Seller(s): Sarah Elizabeth Martin, Christopher A Martin; $157,500.

GI 11954 148; Buyer(s): Travis Morrison; Seller(s): F Dale Hixson, Frank P Degarmo; $148,000.

GI 11954 620; Buyer(s): Kenneth J Juraszek; Seller(s): Jean H Anglin Tr, Jean H Anglin Revocable Living Trust; $145,500.

GI 11950 982; Buyer(s): Rene B Bruzon, Elizabeth Bruzon; Seller(s): Jenna I Hall, Jenna Hall, Genna Hall, Genna I Hall; $142,500.

GI 11953 382; Buyer(s): Ellison Beard; Seller(s): Karen Stampfli; $139,900.

GI 11955 152; Buyer(s): Richard Iii Gossett; Seller(s): Charles W Iii Whitehead, Charles W Jr Whitehead; $135,800.

GI 11952 283; Buyer(s): Shelley Chambers; Seller(s): Tandem Properties Llc; $134,900.

GI 11952 961; Buyer(s): Karen Townsend; Seller(s): Thomas Davidson; $120,000.

GI 11956 659; Buyer(s): Charles Blake Lasky; Seller(s): Laquontia Q Shropshire, Tommy Lee Jr Shropshire; $116,500.

GI 11950 776; Buyer(s): Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church; Seller(s): Jubilee Baptist Church Jubilee Baptist Church, Jubilee Baptist Church; $116,000.

GI 11953 510; Buyer(s): John M Marin, Julie Sarmiento; Seller(s): Devin J Sucher; $115,000.

GI 11954 504; Buyer(s): Triumph Properties Llc; Seller(s): Carl Douglas Davis, Sandra Gail Davis; $96,000.

GI 11950 122; Buyer(s): Sabrina S Beckman, Jane S Peterson, Donna S Dowlen; Seller(s): Action Building & Development Llc; $95,340.

GI 11952 170; Buyer(s): Selvin Luis Ortiz Lopez; Seller(s): George V Morgan; $89,000.

GI 11954 602; Buyer(s): Martin Faith; Seller(s): Leeman Eugene Jr Wilson; $80,000.

GI 11953 272; Buyer(s): Evelyn V Parr; Seller(s): Janet Hampton; $48,500.

10640 Dallas Hollow Rd; Buyer(s): Harold Coleman, Wanda Coleman; Seller(s): Joseph Edward Stuart, Jason O Bailey, Crystal Bailey Butcher, Crystal Butcher, Denise Wright; $44,000.

GI 11951 896; Buyer(s): Steve Harris; Seller(s): Samuel D Bishop, Candace Bishop; $40,000.

GI 11956 655; Buyer(s): Todd Christian Shackelford; Seller(s): Modern Homes Llc; $34,000.

GI 11951 638; Buyer(s): Jose Vasquez; Seller(s): Anne Gray; $27,000.

GI 11952 537; Buyer(s): Thom Huynh; Seller(s): Kenny Rose, Leann Stitt; $23,000.

GI 11955 210; Buyer(s): Grayson Esteele; Seller(s): Deborah D Flansburg, Deborah Kaye Davis; $13,500.