What does the final Hamilton County facilities report recommend for your school?

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd/ Lockers show wear in a hallway at Tyner Academy. Tyner Academy Principal Gerald Harris gave the Times Free Press a tour of the school's facilities on December 6, 2019.

The Hamilton County school board received a final set of recommendations for handling its facilities crisis from MGT Consulting Group this week.

The plan recommends a three-phase, 10-year plan that whittles down an estimated $1.36 billion in deferred maintenance to $891 million thanks to closing and consolidating schools.

Over the course of the three phases, including a fourth preliminary phase called "Phase Zero," 11 new schools would be built, 33 would be renovated or receive additions, nine school sites would be closed and four schools would move to new locations.

But MGT representatives say each phase could take three years to complete and the school board hasn't approved a final plan or figured out how to pay for it.

So, what could the final set of recommendations mean for your school or community? What is the condition of your child's school building?

Check out the plan for each phase and its cost, or search for your school below.

Phase Zero, total: $14 million

- Relocate CSLA to new school at a new site, $11 million

- Close Lakeside Academy, relocate students to new Harrison Elementary

- Build an addition onto Harrison Elementary to accomodate for Hillcrest and Lakeside students, $3 million

Phase One, total: $377.8 million

- Close Alpine Crest Elementary Rivermont Elementary and merge with Dupont Elementary students in a new school building at current DuPont site, $42.5 million

- Close Clifton Hills Elementary, relocate students to new elementary school on a new site, $35.4 million

- Build a new elementary school on current CSLA site and rezone students from East Brainerd, Woodmore, East Ridge and Barger elementary schools, $35.4 million

- Relocate CCA to a new downtown, build a new K-12 building and relocate Barger Academy of Fine Art's K-5 magnet program to new CCA site, $46 million

- Renovate East Ridge High School, $31.3 million

- Renovate East Ridge Middle School, $10.5 million

- Close Tyner Middle School, relocate students to new 6-12 building on current Tyner Academy site, $74 million

- Close Normal Park upper and lower schools, relocate students to renovated CCA site, $37.5 million

- Build Orchard Knob Middle School a new building with capacity for Dalewood Middle students, $49.8 million

- Renovate Wallace A. Smith Elementary School, $13.9 million

- Identify site for new elementary school in Apison

Phase Two, total: $260.8 million

- Renovate and repurpose Hillcrest site for alternative educational program, $12.8 million

- Close Dalewood Middle, relocate students to new Orchard Knob Middle and build new high school for Brainerd High on Dalewood's current location, $33.2 million

- Build a new K-12 school for CSAS on Brainerd High's current site, $54 million

- Renovate Bess T. Shepherd Elementary, Hamilton County High, Lookout Mountain Elementary, McConnell Elementary, Sale Creek Middle/High, Big Ridge Elementary, Hixson Elementary, Loftis Middle, Lookout Valley Elementary and North Hamilton Elementary, $67.5 million

- Renovate Hixson High School and add a new gym $50.7 million

- Renovate Woodmore Elementary, possibly rezone some students to/from East Ridge or new elementary school at CSLA, $7.4 million

- Renovate Ooltewah Middle, possibly rezone some students to/from East Hamilton Middle, $11.7 million

- Renovate Thrasher Elementary, possibly rezone some students to/from Nolan Elementary, $23 million

Phase Three, total: $240 million

- Close Barger Academy and relocate students to new CCA K-5 program, Woodmore Elementary or new elementary school on CSLA site

- Renovate and repurpose Barger site as a new regional career and technical education site, $18.9 million

- Close Soddy-Daisy Middle School, relocate students to new building oncurrent Daisy Elementary School site, $13.7 million

- Renovate Calvin Donaldson Elementary, Brown Middle, Central High, Hunter Middle, Red Bank High, Soddy-Daisy High and Lookout Valley Middle/High School, $87.4 million

- Build new elementary school in Apison, $42.5 million

- Renovate The Howard School, possibly rezone some students to/from Lookout Valley Middle/High School, $11.4 million

- Rename Soddy Elementary to Soddy-Daisy Elementary, combine with Daisy Elementary students on current, renovate site, $14.6 million

- Renovate Spring Creek Elementary, possibly rezone some students to/from East Ridge Elementary, $18.1 million

- Renovate Ooltewah High School, possibly rezone some students to/from East Hamilton High School, $25 million

- Relocate Washington Alternative Center, repurpose and renovate site, $7.8 million

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