Unemployment rose again last month in Chattanooga

Unemployment tile / photo courtesy of Getty Images

After declining steadily for five months from the record high jobless rate reached in April, unemployment rose again in the Chattanooga area last month as an influx of workers looking for jobs outpaced the growth in employment.

The unemployment rate in the six-county Chattanooga region rose to 5.7% in October, up from 5.2% in September. Chattanooga area employers added 2,018 net new jobs last month, but the labor force in the region grew by even more, rising by 3,912 more workers as more people became confident enough to re-enter the job market amid the ongoing pandemic.

Chattanooga's jobless rate is still less than half the record high 13.3% reached in April after the coronavirus pandemic shut down many restaurants, stores and factories this spring. Chattanooga's jobless rate also remained below the non-seasonally adjusted U.S.