5-at-10: Weekend winners (Sarah Fuller, of course) and losers

Vanderbilt place kicker Sarah Fuller warms up before the start of an NCAA college football game against Missouri Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020, in Columbia, Mo. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Weekend winners

Alabama. No Saban, no problem. As chaos runs rampant across all of sports - be it cancellations or outbreaks, injuries or opt-outs - the marching band of victory that is the Tide marches forever forward.

Patrick Mahomes. Dude was aces. The offense was humming. And it's pretty clear that the curly-mohawked QB who sounds like a deep-Southern Kermit the Frog has become the face of the league. How clear? Well, Mahomes' charisma as a dude and artistry at the most awed and important position in sports makes us that Tyrek Hill is a an unreal football player rather than a really fast scuzzbucket who would likely one in the pokey if he didn't run a 4.25 40.

Sarah Fuller. More on Vandy in a moment, but if you do not think, man, that Sarah Fuller kicking for Vandy is pretty doggone cool" well, then I don't know what to tell you.