Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies taste great, travel well

Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies. / Photo credit: Getty Images/iStock/ bhofack2

Not too long ago I got an email alert from about the best cookie bars they could find. So I scrolled down through all 23 and saw some that looked very good, and many of them I probably will try. But none of them looked as good and simple as one that I've been making for years. I have shared it with my children, who have shared it with their friends. These cookie brownies have even been made and shipped overseas, so I would imagine the recipe has been passed around Europe as well.

I got the recipe from Judy Kleinstub at Judy's Personal Touch at least 20 years ago when her shop was located inside World Sales on East 11th Street. Since that time, I haven't found a better brownie-type bar that can touch it. For starters, it's simple. The most difficult part about it is waiting till they've cooled off enough to cut them into bars. I've even taken a spoon and gotten a scoop while they're still warm and gooey and delicious. Hard to resist.

I'm not crazy about chocolate chip cookies made from those tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough. They aren't rich and delicious like homemade chocolate chip cookies are. But when you bake the dough topped with melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk, you turn not-so-great cookie dough into a treat you'll make again and again.

Judy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

2 tubes chocolate chip cookie dough

1 (12-ounce) bag of chocolate chips

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat oven to 350 degrees. In the bottom of a 9- by 13-inch glass dish, spread 1 1/3 tubes of the cookie dough. Place chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in the top of a double boiler, and stir until chocolate chips are melted and fully incorporated with the sweetened condensed milk. Remove from heat, and stir in vanilla. Spread chocolate mixture over the top of the cookie dough in the pan. Break up remaining cookie dough and dollop around the top of the chocolate mixture. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until cookie dough on top is light golden brown. Remove from oven, and allow to fully cool before cutting into bars. Store well covered.


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