Chattanooga's Flying Squirrel executive chef talks dream dinner guests and the occasionally 'godlike' go-to meal

Photo by Anne Braly / In a "sanity" move, Sanders Parker has taken on the role of executive chef at Flying Squirrel, though he still retains some general-manager duties.

Changing positions from general manager to executive chef at Flying Squirrel has combined Sanders Parker's education with his love of food.

Parker went to college for business entrepreneurship, but as manager of the popular, award-winning restaurant on Chattanooga's Southside, he often found himself working closely with the chefs in the kitchen.

"After our last chef, I decided it would be better for the business, as well as my own sanity, to just try to do it myself," he says. "That said, I still retain a lot of my general-manager duties, so I'm essentially doing both with a much heavier focus in the kitchen."

As a Chattanooga native, Parker has seen the city's transition from a meat-and-three scene to one that offers an incredible selection of foods.

"It's not the same town I grew up in," he says.