These 27 fruits and vegetables make up the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 lists

bakery background

Welcome to the March kitchen and all its promise. Shall we begin?

Michael Coleman can't find the maple bourbon spicy pecans of which he read. In a similar vein from a discussion about salads and spring, here are additional requests. Can you stir up sugared pecans for a green salad studded with strawberries and those pecans? How about an avocado salad dressing that won't get brown?


In sending this favorite cake, DJS waxed nostalgic about her Grandma Victoria. "She was an amazing lady who raised seven children during the Depression, helped raise many of the 30-plus grands and never complained about anything, ever."

The Depression produced in her generous creativity. "She used what she had from their garden, her vast home canning and a few pantry staples. Growing up, I always thought she just loved oatmeal (as did I) since it was often included in her burgers, loaves, breads and even a pie that resembled pecan, just no pecans."