The Rant

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Deshaun Watson deserves to be suspended for more than six games for 24 incidents of sexual misconduct. He is a serial sex offender.

Joe Biden won't say "recession." It's a "transition." Right. Transitioning from a robust Trump economy into a morass created by incompetents.

I guess the TFP doesn't think Biden's COVID re-infection isn't news. Not one article or story since it broke Saturday. Another bias by omission.

Is it true that there's a new vaccine being tested for the Trump virus?

Peaceful transfer of power by Trump: No attack on nation's Capitol, 140+ people not injured and five Washington police officers and Ashley Babbitt still alive.

If Britney Griner deserves to be in a Russian prison, then Trump deserves to be in prison for leading the "insurrection."

Biden's Middle East trip: How can our allies trust someone who abruptly abandoned Afghanistan and U.S. weaponry there?

Mr. Trump, please call your friend Putin and ask him to send WNBA Britney Griner home to America.

No more excuses for 45. Lock him up!

Now MarjieQ wants to arm children with beginner weapons of war. What could possibly go wrong?

Afghanistan an active staging ground again for terror groups looking to attack the West. Thanks, Biden.

In today's society, the problem with the "experts" is that they pay no price for being wrong.

If a soldier can't follow orders and get vaccinated for COVID, then we don't need them as a soldiers. Soldiers following orders wins the battle.

Supporters need to change their rhetoric about how protective COVID vaccines are. They may help, but they sure don't prevent COVID.

Both "mom activist groups" are placing our elementary school children in the middle. Use your mature adult brains for "age -appropriate" content.

Why are Republicans afraid of transgender people? Transgender people just want to live free from fear and hatred.

We complain about China's human rights abuses of minorities. Strange how we turn a blind eye to the indigenous tribal founders of America.

"We the People" have no idea just how much danger we are putting ourselves in with digital technology. Phenomenal danger.

TDOT planners who left two lanes merging from I-75 to I-24 until the next fix should have had their heads examined.

I see the recent news that 90% of potholes were repaired. Not for long. Many are degrading already. Ridiculous.

For a fun Davidson Road driving experience, try belting out Elvis's "I'm All Shook Up" as your car bounces over the patches and potholes.

The county's least experienced mayor and least experienced county commission: Pray hard for the next four years.

Whenever and wherever there are money, power and influence at issue, then surely there will be greed, selfishness and partisanship, rather than the greater good.

City? County? State? Who is responsible for repairing the sorry condition of McBrien Road as you cross the freeway entering East Ridge? Talk about failure.

Double Cola? Not seen in years; store clerks never heard of it in North Georgia. Must not cross state line. Need a new CEO maybe?

Stadium: Build it, Weston, and they will come.

We have $80 million for a new a new stadium while teachers are on TV asking for donations of school supplies. Wrong priorities!