The Rant

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Deshaun Watson deserves to be suspended for more than six games for 24 incidents of sexual misconduct. He is a serial sex offender.

Joe Biden won't say "recession." It's a "transition." Right. Transitioning from a robust Trump economy into a morass created by incompetents.

I guess the TFP doesn't think Biden's COVID re-infection isn't news. Not one article or story since it broke Saturday. Another bias by omission.

Is it true that there's a new vaccine being tested for the Trump virus?

Peaceful transfer of power by Trump: No attack on nation's Capitol, 140+ people not injured and five Washington police officers and Ashley Babbitt still alive.

If Britney Griner deserves to be in a Russian prison, then Trump deserves to be in prison for leading the "insurrection."

Biden's Middle East trip: How can our allies trust someone who abruptly abandoned Afghanistan and U.S.