Court allows some CBD sales in Catoosa County, Georgia, after store owner sues sheriff's office

Staff Photo by Olivia Ross / The Shoppe, pictured on Aug. 1, 2022, sued Catoosa County after being forced to take delta-8 products off the shelves.

Some products containing extracts of cannabidiol, a chemical found in hemp, can again be sold in Catoosa County stores, according to a court ruling handed down Tuesday afternoon.

The case began when Joe King, owner of a store selling CBD derivatives, sued the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office after the sheriff demanded that all stores in the county stop selling most CBD products.

Sheriff Gary Sisk said people were being adversely affected by the products, and that many hemp derivatives were illegal. King argued that CBD derivatives are beneficial to his customers and not specifically outlawed.

Because of the ruling, as of Tuesday afternoon, CBD products were back on the shelves of the Shoppe, the store King owns in Fort Oglethorpe. In a phone interview, King said his is one of about 10 stores in the Fort Oglethorpe area that sell CBD products, and there are several more in Ringgold and throughout the county.