The Rant

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OK, candidates, get your signs off our roads. We are tired of all of them.

When the FBI investigated Hillary, Republicans screamed, "Lock her up." Now that Trump is being investigated, they're screaming, "Defund the FBI."

How many mom and pop stores and other small business owners think retail theft is a "victimless crime"?

You can call it what you want, Joe, but the [Congressional] Budget Office says no reduction in inflation. Another spin. Another day. Another lie.

Founding Fathers based our country on slavery, white supremacy and male superiority. All should be deleted and forgotten.

The Associated Press story that most electric cars would not qualify for the "Inflation Reduction Act" tax credit is such delicious irony.

Ford said it was immediately increasing the price of its electric F-150 pickups $2,500. With a base price of $46,974, how can we take the push to EVs seriously?

It'd be interesting had Paul Pelosi received his DUI citation while driving wife, Nancy, through Singapore during her recent visit there.