The Rant

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OK, candidates, get your signs off our roads. We are tired of all of them.

When the FBI investigated Hillary, Republicans screamed, "Lock her up." Now that Trump is being investigated, they're screaming, "Defund the FBI."

How many mom and pop stores and other small business owners think retail theft is a "victimless crime"?

You can call it what you want, Joe, but the [Congressional] Budget Office says no reduction in inflation. Another spin. Another day. Another lie.

Founding Fathers based our country on slavery, white supremacy and male superiority. All should be deleted and forgotten.

The Associated Press story that most electric cars would not qualify for the "Inflation Reduction Act" tax credit is such delicious irony.

Ford said it was immediately increasing the price of its electric F-150 pickups $2,500. With a base price of $46,974, how can we take the push to EVs seriously?

It'd be interesting had Paul Pelosi received his DUI citation while driving wife, Nancy, through Singapore during her recent visit there.

How can a person be so ruthless, so full of lies, and people still be for them?

Haven't seen any Biden stickers on a car in a while. Imagine those suckers came off pretty quickly.

Will see real inflation once China invades Taiwan. Why? Because blockade will have to happen in the South China Sea.

Conservatives always want life to be like it was 200 years in the past, but then they wouldn't have their AK-47s.

Georgia governor wannabe Stacey Abrams says state budget surplus should be used to help Georgians. What does she think Kemp's tax cuts have done?

Thank you for your "rant" about the burn pit bill, Jon Stewart, because it got the bill passed in the end.

If the Supreme Court says the abortion issue is a states rights issue, let the states conduct referendums to settle the question state by state.

Why can't D.C. handle the illegals that Texas gets in a day? Oh, forgot, not in my backyard. And now they need federal police. Prime.

You cannot complain about gas prices if you also exceed the speed limit while driving.

Vote Chuck Fleischmann, alias "Chucky, the doll," out of office as he is just a Trump drone/clone.

Mayor Kelly advocates affordable housing, except he doesn't appear to want affordable housing in his Fort Wood backyard with the Central Avenue and Fourth Street apartments.

Well, I guess it's time to rename our county Wampilton County. Watch out, Chuck Fleischmann, Marsha Blackburn - there is a Wamp in your future.

TFP story says research shows internet program boosts parental involvement, but it doesn't say whether grades or test scores improved. Did they?

Chattanooga Unity Group just the latest to want the rules changed if the results don't fit their world view. Grow up.

It seems it matters not which side of the political aisle Sabrena Smedley is on. She is making herself a ward of taxpayers forever.

Mayor Coppinger, when does your position as consultant/financial adviser with the Lookouts start and at what pay scale? We're waiting.

Weston Wamp could be the gale force of fresh air this county needs. Time is rolling on; the next generation of leadership is here. Deal with it.

Welcome to "Wampanooga"!

The city's new violence road map essentially uses government money to parent kids. Why not hold the parents accountable? Novel idea not done before.